Friday, January 08, 2010

Thinking, slightly envious, and confused...

Now, first off, I will admit I am a computer dork. I worked for several WEEKS to figure out how the links function worked on Blogger. And that was after reading the directions. ( I suspect I am a kinetic/visual learner where computers are concerned. If I see it, I can generally make it happen. If I have to figure it out, well... I have managed, on occasion to make things occur, but more by happenstance than actually having it work!)

But I keep looking at other people's blogs, and thinking, gee, that looks great, headers that have beautiful blue eyes, or headers with some one's art, even some that have backgrounds I like, but am not sure how to get... Do I need to take a class? Do they even HAVE blogging classes? I guess a HTML class would work for a start. Might even be useful for something besides my blog. (Concept time...)

Then I notice some people have blogs that are just one topic. A blog for knitting, a blog for weight loss, a politics blog, a religion blog.

I can assure myself that wouldn't work for me. I wouldn't remember which blog I needed to update. I'd have too many ruminating wanderings with no point on others. Besides, I have trouble enough figuring out how to run ONE blog, why kill myself with several? So, I guess my loyal followers will be stuck with a blog running the gambit from soup to nuts.

(No commenting on just who is nuts, thank you, hush!)

I guess when I started this blog, I had started it as an online journal, and that I wasn't sure if I cared if I had readers or not. (I just type much faster than I write...)

I do have some readers now. I have enjoyed the comments, but have wondered if I should 'spruce it up' a bit.

Winter's cabin fever hitting my blog?


I think it's more for the looks than what I am saying, however. I have learned a loooooong time ago, I am what I am, I don't really know much how to be something other than what I am. (Thank you, Popeye...)

So, if I can figure out how to do some 'sprucing', you might see some changes in the looks of the blog. But it will still be a blog about gardening, and pets, cleaning chicken houses, what goofy things Husband I have been up to, stuff I can talk about in the substation, weight loss, guitar, and whatever else 'trips my trigger'.

Heck, I might even get my FO's on here once in a while, and PUNish all of you with my corny jokes...

But I just want to thank all my readers, for reading. I want to thank all the bloggers I follow, for blogging, giving me ideas, and just for making my spare time very interesting!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled blogs... Heh.


  1. Soup to nuts blogging! The best kind!

  2. Well, I think so... :D


  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses her blog as a soap box for whatever's bouncing through her head at that time!

  4. That would, I think, fairly well sum up the way I do things, yes...
    But there has to be something IN my head at the time?



  5. titivate as you want.....aall that matters are the words

  6. Considering I love to write, I think that is a very good thing!!!


  7. I wish I could write as well as you! I love reading your blog!!

  8. Thank you! I enjoy reading yours, and several other of the commenters, so I appriciate knowing that someone likes my blog.

    (You like me, you really like me!)
    (Sorry, that was WAY too good to pass up...)



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