Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whatever. I C the light! What the...?

I have been watching Llama, she doesn't enjoy the fog anymore than I do. I think we are BOTH glad it's gone.

That being said, the two of them have been high-tailing it to breakfast in the morning. This part of winter, our fields aren't producing a whole lot, so they get grain, and hay. Soon, they go back to hay, then when things start coming up in late spring, they can forage again.

It was so funny today, however, Lorenzo was doing his usual round and round, I am soooooo hungry... Llama looked in the window of the hen house, sighed, then put her nose on the ledge. Yeah. Breakfast. Am I awake yet? I am at the right feeding area, I think... I swear if I'd taken longer than a few seconds, she might have dozed off, right there! (I have a little sympathy for her today, I slept like a landed trout, and am not to jazzed about the day either.)

FINALLY, after reading through all the guitar books I have, and watching several different videos online, I am making something that sounds like a buzzy, but acceptable C. Part of it was misunderstanding the way I was supposed to hold my fingers, the other I was playing an E that wasn't supposed to be in there. Added up to a nasty sound.

I still haven't quite figured out how to hold the guitar in a completely comfortable way. I guess I compare learning to play the guitar to learning to drive. Going from trying to understand break, gas, clutch, gears, (then, much later, on an automatic, NOT using the clutch... GAH...) , to trying to keep fingers in these calisthenic positions that change every 4 to 8 bars (right now), while the other is just twangin' away... I am sure that I will start to get the hang of it, I already feel more comfortable with it than when I started, and can usually change chords with not too much problem. (But using the driving comparison, I still 'grind gears' on occasion.) So, there is some vague hope that I will indeed be able to play a song by Christmas 2010.

I think.



Now then. That scale. That annoying, evil, nasty... rotten... (censored) scale. I know I've lost weight. I have pants on that I couldn't zip, that I now can, fairly easily. I have been keeping out of the goodies for the most part, exercised daily (to the point I had a stitch in my side one day, so I know I am doing something...), and so I hopped on the old scale, figuring I had to be down.

Gained .2 pounds.

I am going to trust that I am actually doing something right, because I don't think I can be GAINING weight, and wearing SMALLER pants, right???

Unless the pants are made out of some of the same material as Dr. Who's call box... Pants with a black hole in them? It was suggested by Husband that I weigh myself tomorrow and see if it's still up.

I don't think I want to. I think the stupid scale would do some dumb thing just to lead me on.

In fact, I am beginning to suspect that that scale is a second cousin of Christine. Maybe I should have some large implement of destruction nearby, just in case.

No. Better not. I would be tempted to use it pre-emptively...


  1. Hey, keep plugging away. Looks to me like the downs outnumber the ups?! I gotta lose about 20 lbs. myself. At least 5 this month!

  2. Eeeep! In a month? I could do that. Just sew my mouth shut, I suppose... Heh. But thank you, and good 'going' on your lbs., as well!



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