Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bang! 'Nother one bites the dust in Area 51...

You thought I was kidding, didn't you...  Here is Area 51, in all it's Gawdafulness glory... (Well, some of it, anyway...)

Yes, I decided what was Area 51 without a warning sign?   Had to advise all who might hazard on to this land of alien happenings...  I mean, the language, k1p1,byf, psso...  And you never know what might drop out of the sky...

Anyway, I have yet another blanket for a sailor or marine baby...  I need to start doing some blues and greens, I have gone into the PASTEL zone...  Not normal for me.  (This really IS pastel, it came out much brighter when photgraphed.)

I did get a really nice compliment from my "boss" at the substation.  She looked at it, and said it looked so nice she should have a baby so she could have it!  I chuckled, and stated I thought that was a whole lot of work for ONE blanket...  She cracked up.  But she did like it.  The only thing that annoys me a little, this was a take off on the circle sweater, (duh), but I can't get the edging to lay flat, I should have made some rows of something other than stockinette.  I even edged it with heavy double crochet, didn't seem to help.  Oh, well.  I haven't figured out a name for this blanket, but one of the wags mentioned it was a perfect target for the baby to... barf on.  Oh, joy.  Guess that's why I made it washable.   

I am thinking about making throws for the two gals I work with, if I can parse out what colors they like.  One loves stars, one loves cats, so I have something to work with...  I think.  Then again, I might just sit and knit, and see what happens... 

In other news, I will be seeing how I do on an exercise machine.  Husband received a weight trainer from a friend of his, who was moving and just didn't want it. (Read: FREE!!)  It's one where the weights are in back with a cord leading to pulls for arms and legs.  Sort of a very stripped down Nautilus... 

Husband has been using it for about a week, and I decided to see if I can use it.  I probably won't do much with the leg lift part right now, but it should be GREAT for upper body.  Who knows, I might give a gentle try on the leg stuff too.  It might strengthen me up to not be Wonder Klutz the Stumble Butt.  Let's just say, the animals know if I list too far one direction or the other, get out of the way fast!  I am better than I used to be, (I am rarely using my cane), but still have been known to get up close and personal with walls and doors, floors... You get the idea.  Even shiny new doctor commented he thought I walked quite well for someone with all the (garbage) that has happened to my legs.  So, on that note, I probably should go...

WALK!  (or use the exercise machine... That works, too...)


  1. Hi Cat. Fabulous blanket! Seems to lie flat to me.

    Let us know how it goes on the exercise machine!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Hi Cat-
    Love the blanket! Not sure I'd want to go to the trouble of having a baby just to get one though, LOL. But then again, that's because I've already been there and done that. Twice! Because I'm a really slow learner I guess and didn't learn the first time around.:-)
    Did you go for a WALK or brave the machine?? Like you said, either or is good!

  3. Bearfriend: Uh. I guess I didn't mention on the blog, this a picture of it being blocked, i.e., it is pinned to the floor. It BETTER be flat right now!!! :)

    Exercise machine was different. I am most definitely NOT used to it...


  4. Amy:
    ROLF!!! And no, I never did go for a walk. I started exercising on the machine, then remembered I hadn't cleaned the chicken house. (We have had rain, and it was a MESS.) So I did get some exercise, just not the type I was planning.


  5. Hey exercise is exercise!!! I love your blanket!! And I think it doesn't have to lie flat - it will be wrapped around someone, they will never know about the edges!! :)

  6. Yes, well, I hope so... I think it looks better now that I have blocked it, but I agree, once baby gets a hold of it, no one is going to notice much if the edges curl a bit.



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