Monday, February 22, 2010

Biiig Quilt Blocks, the fight is on... Shhhh...

Since I have nothing to do during the summer, (BWAAA HAHAHAHA!!!), I have decided I want to make a barn quilt block.  I believe, reading up on them, they started in Iowa, and I just think it's a neat idea.  Our pole barn has a face to the road, so it is the most likely candidate. It also needs something.  I would like it to look a bit less...


The person who had the place before us, or the renters, painted the siding.  Now, when I say paint, I don't mean that they covered evenly the whole of the side.  There are just reddish splotches of paint that look like some one was blindfolded, given a paint ball gun with reddish paintballs, and pointed.  And Husband implied that paint doesn't do well on galvanized metal... Which I have noticed, the painted areas seem to be peeling, which makes it look even less enticing.  I don't mind buildings looking "elderly", or even "eccentric", but this one is just tiptoeing the line to "ugly".

I will have to see whether I will need to do some sort of cleaning on the side that I am going to put the block on...  G*d help me, I hope not, I believe it's about 20 or so feet up to the roof, and I am not particularly good on a ladder.  And this isn't exactly the kind of job I want to ask Husband to do.  Or much of anyone else, for that matter.

Oh, if you want to see some of the quilt blocks, here is a neat site.  (Click on Sac County Barn Quilts.)

So, first order of business, see if I can even support two sheets of plywood on the side.  Husband believes that it can be done, but we have to see if it would be feasible, for she who is not a real strong person.  Since it's also on the weather dominant side of the building, an extra layer, like clear paint or something, might be in order. 

Then it's a matter of what block I want to make.  I have several ideas.

That leads to figuring out how to make a poll on Blogger.  I want to get my best ideas up on the blog, then see if there is any that just make one go "WOW", or conversely, "EWW".  (Husband has already asked that I not make a crazy quilt patch.  Darn...)  ; D

But, Blogger is trying to make me more crazy than usual.  I was trying to update my blogroll, and instead of up dating it, what I was seeing was that it was saying it was putting up the other blogs I wanted on my roll, but I would check, and... Nothing.  NO new blogs on the roll. 


Ok, typetypetype, press ok, wait... Nothin'.  So, I have removed the blog roll entirely, and will start over.  We shall see if starting from scratch works.  Wish me luck. (LOTS AND LOTS of luck, the way it's been going...)

I really sometimes wonder if my computer is actually sentient, and just has a nasty sense of humor...

I had the very first time while at the sub station, a neighbor came in to make a report.  I mentioned that I had seen the neighbor when I came home, and Husband said, Oh, what did he come in for?

Can't tell you, hon.

Why not?

I told him that I wasn't supposed to.  He sort of grumbled, and said I should be able to say what it was generally.  I told him no, he'd filed a report, and that's all I could say.  More mild wondering about what it was, could it be this, what about that, perhaps something else?

Finally, feeling vaugely grumbly myself, I said, HUSBAND, do you remember I signed a confidentiality agreement?  That means I am not supposed to talk about what goes on.  Something like the non-disclosure agreements YOU sign at work...

Oh.  Right.  But...

Husband, says I, if it got out that I said x thing, and a case was screwed up, I would no longer be welcome as a volunteer, and there would be NO chance of getting anything resembling a job there, should one become available in the misty future...

Hmm, said he.  And that's how I convinced Husband that I can actually keep my mouth shut, when I need to!    


  1. Oh my gosh that is way cool!!!! I have never seen anything like that before. REALLY looking forward to seeing what yours is going to look like.

  2. Problem is, I have several ideas, so I guess, in a way, so am I!


  3. Hi Cat. Looks like a great idea. If I had a barn I'd be doing several!

    Bearfriend xx

  4. I have never heard of a barn quilt! I am going to spend some time looking at the link you posted.

  5. Bearfriend:

    I think one will be enough of a challenge, but I know exactly what you mean... I suppose I could put another on one of the other buildings... Hmm. Uh, guess I better stick to ONE at the moment, yes?


  6. Beth:

    There are several wonderful sites, just search "Barn Quilt Blocks".


  7. John:

    Thank you!



  8. Wow! That is so cool. I've never heard of barn quilts before, and even as I was reading it took me a while to figure out you were not talking about a BIG quilt with a barn motif on it. You'll have to forgive me, I'm apt to be slow at times.
    But now that I figured out what you're talking about, I really can't wait to see what you come up with!:-)

  9. Amy:

    I had thought the same thing, one of my friends went to the Midwest some time ago, and saw one, until she showed me a picture, I was confused, the same way you were. So, not slow...



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