Monday, February 08, 2010


Getting extra shifts at the substation, hope that I will be able to write my blog there, as Husband is on a Craig's List selling jag, (read: I am not getting as much computer time as I need  demand whine about want), and was on the go for the last few days.  Except for a Superbowl party with my family... Ok, with my Mom.  Husband and Dad couldn't care less about football.  We had to tell them who was playing.  (In my Dad's case, he was on the phone with a friend from Alaska, who also doesn't care for football.  Husband was having a nice, laid back read of the paper.)  Why do they want to be there for something they don't care about?  My Mom's cooking.  Let's just say, I blew the diet, oh, so bad.  Ribs, and all the stuff that goes with ribs.  I am not complaining, it was my choice, and I will pay, or not, when scale day rolls around, I figure it's once, and I know what to do, I just have to DO it.  I have been on the go, so I haven't been doing much with exercising, or my guitar.  And I can tell.  But, I think things will get more on an even keel here in a day or so.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my brand new shiny doctor, wish me luck that things will go well.  I really would like to have a doctor that doesn't think I am a stupid ninny, and that I feel he is an overbearing horse's ass.  This doesn't make for a good relationship... 

Spring is coming, folks!  I put up the picture of the daffodills for my frozen friends on the other side of the US.  Shouldn't someone do something to Puxywhatsis Phil?  Blindfold him?  Get him roaring drunk on pineapple juice, or whatever groundhogs drink?  SOMETHING?  So.  I am thinking warm, melting thoughts for all that direction. 

I have actually shot down some UFO's, too!  (No, I am not near Roswell, it's my Un Finished Objects.)  As soon as I can figure out where the camera was put, I will have some photos.  (I think the missing camera is my fault, but I can blame Husband, he's been taking pictures for Craig's List.  Yeah, I'll blame him.  Bad Husband!  Drop the camera! Drop it!  Drop!) 

Yes, I have been working on training Rudee dog just a LITTLE too much... 

Anyway, that is it for this few minutes.  News as events warrant.  Even if I have to make something up...

(Which might be more entertaining, come to think of it!)


  1. Hi Cat. Hope your doc app went well!

    Love your new title pic.

    Bearfriend xx

  2. It did!
    I hope to get a new header when they flower.



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