Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quarter pounder, no fries, please, Doc. Oh, you, too?

Well, I had almost decided to skip the weigh in.  I had not done well this week.  But then I thought, it's not being honest with myself (and my blogger friends) if I only weigh in on a "good" week.  But.  While not great, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared.

Up .4 pounds.  Not great, like I said, but it could have been much, much worse. 

So, I met with my new doctor.  I had all my notes, and was ready for pretty much anything.  Until he started asking about the family history.  Eeep.  What is the ONE thing I forgot to bring?  But, with only one or two exceptions, I could answer his questions from memory.  (And if you know MY memory, that's saying something!)  He asked about all the little normal 'stuff', then we got to my weight.

Oh, Gawd, here it comes, he's a gonna lecture me. 

He said, I see you are losing weight. (I'd brought the info from my sidebar of loss and gain.)  He then said, you know, losing weight is simple, it's just eat less and exercise more. 

Crap... He's going to give me THAT?!??  How do I escape?

He then 'pinched an inch' on his middle, and said, "It's simple, but it's not easy.  If it was, no one would have an extra 30 on the waistline." 

I could've kissed him!  He then quizzed me on what Husband and I were doing, and thought it sounded like we were on the right track.  He then helped me with some questions I had about my arthritis, so I would be able to exercise more, and hopefully have few bad days. 

He did tell me that bad days with that are a fact of life.  (Tremendous surprise there... But I think he was trying to reassure me I wasn't alone, or crazy.  Something my previous doctor was quite good at making me feel like, I might add.)  He added information on how we could improve our diets, what we should do that we weren't doing, and generally approved.  In fact, he said that what I was doing was great, I just needed to keep it up, and make changes gradually.  I still didn't get one question answered, I just flat forgot to quiz him on it, but I know that he'd ANSWER, and not act like I was an idiot or hypocondriac for asking. 

So, Husband and I are pleased with the shiny, new doctor, and we have similar health goals, so things are going well.

And Husband was inordinantly pleased that I didn't refer to my previous doctor as Dr. Horse's A$$ when I spoke about him to the new doc.  Can't imagine why... {evil grin}  


  1. Hey, when you find a doctor who's willing to listen rather than lecture -- kiss him! That kind of doc needs to feel appreciated :)

  2. Hi Cat. Ha! An honest doc! Great to have some sympathy for a change.

    Bearfriend xx

  3. Have you gotten the cd yet? Sounds great. Keep trudging on, girl. That's what I'm doing with PT. (I lost 4 1/2 pounds last month. Not great, but a start towards about 20 lbs.)

  4. Glad you like the shiny new doctor. Good thing I wasn't taking a sip of coffee when I read the part of Dr. Horses A$$. Good one! lol

  5. I love it - simple but not easy!! How freaking true!!

  6. Yes, one and all, I must say, this one I hope sticks around, this doc seems to be a winner!

    Oh, and no, I haven't figured out which CD that I want, so it's been browsing, not buying. I'll get there.

    As far as the Horse's A$$ comment, we live in a small town, and Husband is afraid that this doc, and that doc could be friends, (not uncommon), so he asked me just to say "my other doctor" or "my last doctor". I did, although I think I said 'the other GUY' once or twice. Eh. I was more polite than I felt he deserved... But I figured I didn't want to embarass Husband.



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