Thursday, February 11, 2010

UFO's shot down, (almost), and vegetable futures.

So, I have been promising to show my FO's, former inhabitants of the Craft Room's own Area 51.  Well, I have 1 1/2 finished, technically.  The one on the left is my spiral (practice) sweater.  I have found, however, it doesn't quite cover me in front like I would prefer, so I am going to undo the edging, and put some more  rounds on it.  It is kind of warm, and fits loosely, so I guess I am happy with it.  Was hoping I could call it finished, but at least it's closer than it was.  I think a day or two of knitting should probably do it... 

The other is a blanket with an odd story attached. I love to design and knit baby blankets. (Also socks, but right now, catching up on blankets.)  I had made a blanket with a lot of lace, and this woman looks at it and reprimands me for making all those HOLES in the blanket, that babies could get fingers caught in them, yadayadayada.  So, I decided, could I make a pretty blanket sans holes?  I think it came out nicely, and look, ma, no holes.  I have also decided that I don't think holes are a big deal, since I have made 'holey' blankets for several people, and no one has had a problem with it before.  Just one of those "can't please everyone" things.  So, one more charity blanket finished.  (I keep thinking I want to have a t-shirt made up that says, "I knit for MARINES and SAILORS".  That's who the blankets go to, through the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society.)   

I will not ask if that picture makes my butt look big.  Yes. Yes, it does... (But, smaller than it was!)


I have been looking to see what things will be going in the garden this year.  The photo below is not all of the seed that I have put back, but it is a greater portion.  I have some people that want veggies, so I am going to plant a few items that are not my normal items.  I want to plant corn, but I have yet to get corn that isn't miserable.  I haven't done a soil test yet, so I am hoping that I can amend to make corn happy.  BUT, considering all the other things below, I don't think corn will be missed. 

I am also going to start looking for a few garden tools that I don't have.  I will start haunting garage sales, and possibly Craig's List.  I guess I am cheap, why buy new tools, when I can get something cluttering someone's garage? 

And I received an early birthday present from my parents.  They decided to get me a little greenhouse, (the portable kind, with the plastic, removeable skin).  When quizzed about it, Mom said that she decided that if she bought it, and gave it to me for my birthday in July, it would be sort of useless for this year's planting season!  So, I will be starting plants, hopefully without turning my craft room into a jungle this year.   

Some for me, some for others.  Some for the llamas, some for the chickens.  There might even be some for putting back, if I do well!  (I am sooo looking forward to crookneck squash...) 

At least I can do SOMETHING while it's way too wet to plant.  And cold.  And generally the wrong season. 

Details, details...


  1. For the record, your butt looks FINE.:-) Love the sweater too! And as far as "holey" baby blankets go, I've never had a problem with them. And neither have my babies for that matter.
    Ah yes, tis the season of seed catalogs and garden planning. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!
    Love the new picture, but please tell me it is not current?? because if it is I'm moving in with you since it is obviously warmer where you are then where I am. So, consider yourself warned. Ha ha!:-)

  2. My goodness you are going to have a big garden! Kudos to you for your knitting craft. Seems that a lot of folks these days ( younger generation) don't know how to do that. Alright, even though I am far from the younger generation, I never learned how to do it but do admire those who do.

  3. Amy:
    Well, it wasn't the most flattering pic, but since that wasn't what I told Husband to focus on... Eh.

    And yes, I thought the "holey" complaint was rather... Unique? I don't think I will worry about it terribly much, it just gave me some motivation for a new blanket design.

    Gardening is my 'thing', and I save seed, so while there is a bunch there, I (usually) am smart enough to not use it all...

    And, yes, the pic is from about 4 days ago. Lemme tell you, we here would love to have all that snow UP IN THE MOUNTAINS here! So, wishing you warming and snow free thoughts, at any rate! :)


  4. AJ-Oaks:
    I usually have a fair sized garden, hopefully I will (as always) have enough and to share. So many people are good to us here, I like to give back.

    And you might be surprised, at least around this area, knitting is pretty popular with the UNDER forty set. Least most of the ones I knit with are... ahem... Much less grey than I am. (grumble.)


  5. Hi Cat. Wow! What an amazing sweater! I've never seen one like it. I think it's wonderful. You are so talented!

    I think you absolutely should have that T-shirt made up. That blanket is gorgeous and will be very warm so I hope it goes to a good home.

    Bearfriend xx

  6. Bearfriend:

    Thank you, but I can't take credit. It was from... I think Bernett's website, and I found it on Bo's website, when SHE was making one...
    ( ) But, I think with a 'tweek' or two, it should be wearable! And again, thank you.

    I am very tempted, when I say I knit for Marines, you would not believe the strange reactions (especially when knitting something pink and lacy...).

    The blankets go to Military families up north from me with newborns, so I think they will get happily accepted. I like to think so, at any rate.



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