Friday, February 26, 2010

Zooooooom! What day is it, anywho?

So, I have been on the go nearly the whole week.  (Even on one day I thought I would be home!)  One of the volunteers had knee surgery, and we all had to pitch in for extra time.  I took two extra days, (along with my normal one), and then had a 'quick' trip with my husband to pick up a lathe he bought.  I jokingly call it his Godfather lathe, because he wasn't going to buy it, then the guy gave him "an offer he couldn't refuse".  I then will have a meeting with some members of my re-enactment group, so I will be gone... Tomorrow. Saturday?  Right, Saturday. (Ok, who snitched my day book again?  Urk.  Me!  I left it on the table... Does this give you an idea of how my week has been going?)

I have been knitting on my 'off' time, some garish socks for Christmas.  Why?  To replace a garish pair that I accidently shrank.  Oh, you mean why garish?  Well... Heh.  I spin yarn, with a local group.  One of the people there is a wonderful man, a professor emeritus (or retired, I can't remember, at any rate, he's in his 80's), and we have some terrific conversations.  HOWEVER... He does not like bright colors.  His spinning is always demure natural colors.  His socks are basic business black or brown (we spin with shoes off).  So, I love to tease him by wearing the most bright, noisy socks that I can knit.  I love color.  So he loves to tease me about my spinning choices (which are usually referenced to as 'what taffy am I spinning today'.)  Since I spin things like lemon yellow with fire engine red, or one that was a combination of day-glow colors with white, I can imagine that it's a bit off his radar screen.

To that end, I am knitting up socks of Fir Green, with toes and heels of Hollyberry Red, and trimmed at the top with (G*d forgive me) snowy white Fun Fur (normally not something I knit willingly, but I know THAT won't shrink, being acrylic!)  I am also thinking of putting jingle bells on it. 

Told ya it was garish.  But I generally only wear these during the week or so of Christmas, or right before, so I figure it's fair game.

Anything to get a comment from my favorite professor.


  1. Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for visiting my blog today. I want to see a picture of those new socks, when you're done.

    Louise - who just looked out the window to see that it is STILL snowing.

  2. Yep, I have one finished. I am sweating having enough yarn to finish the other, but I think I have enough.



    Cat (Who is still hoping we have more snow in the mountains, here!)

  3. Me too! I think a picture of the socks is a must!:-) I wish I could knit socks. I am so envious of people who can because they always have the nicest-and of course most interesting- of socks to wear!

  4. I will indeed, when the socks are finished, I still am sort of sweating whether I will have enough yarn. If not, I will have to take them out and re-knit. (It has happened, rarely, before...) But yes, Unique, that would fit, Interesting, yes.

    According to said professor, Nicest... Hmm. :)


  5. Eeep! Yes, ok! Blogging will commence on Sunday... Today, right? The 7th...



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