Sunday, March 07, 2010

Blogging? That's that typing thing... Right?

Wow!  I have not had chance one to get on line of late!  If you were expecting a blog, (actually, more than one), I was, too! 

My volunteer work, turned into a lot of running.  I was either a) at the computer, but not able to blog as I was doing 'work', or b) I was not anywhere near a computer, and so was not able to blog.  Either way, I was rather sucessfully muted. 

Again, wow!  I had been doing so much at the sub-station that more than one of the people that work there, deputies and staff said, you know there IS a futon in the back, why not just sleep over, it would be easier!  (Uh, no.  Thank you, but, no. Heh.)  A nice thing coming from this, I am getting to know the deputies a bit better, and I was able to do some leg work for one of them, (I will mention here, deputies can have messy desks, just sayin'), so that when they need something as they are driving from wherever to the substation, they could just grab and go.  That, I must say, made me feel good that they are trusting me with that.  Trying to FIND the things they mention can be a challenge, but still... 

I know the animals are somewhat confused, I am feeding much earlier than usual, then coming home late and petting and working with them right before I go in for the night.  Except for 2 nights where I was back so late that Husband ended up needing to check on them.  So, with one of the volunteers having knee surgery, another being sick, as well as being given some classes and information to work on in my new position as Public Information Officer, and Husband having a new fetish for finding vacuum boxes for jobs, it has been quiet on the blog front.

Oh.  Vacuum box,  it's not like a floor vacuum, it's an actual box, it's used to create a vacuum to pull air out of liquids and make molds and such, more solid.  Husband makes items with epoxy for the place he works with.  Bubbles make the mold mis-shapen, or create hollows.  This little box pulls out the bubbles, giving him a solid mold.  And, best of all, for him, it was on (ok, all together now) CRAIG'S LIST!  Which also didn't allow me much time on line.  (I must admit, watching oil boil at room temperature was really an interesting event, I heard of it in school, but had never seen it actually done.  In fact, I didn't quite believe him when he told me it was at room temperature, until he took it out and handed it to me.)

We have a calendar on the fridge, and jokingly refer to it as the "Brain Board", i.e., if we need to know who is where on what day, it better be written there.  Husband noticed that this last month, I could have had a bingo at least two directions because of all the days I worked last month.  It will hopefully not be QUITE as busy this month.  Enough to keep me 'in the loop', but hopefully not 'loopy'. 

I have been knitting.  I mentioned the garish Christmas socks?  Below is the final product.  Amazingly, the only problem I had with them was putting on the bells, the metal would cut right through the thread I was using, so I had to make a nearly rope like thickness to get them to stay put. 

The only "problem" with the new socks is that the bells make it sound like I am in a Western movie, jing, jing, jing, jing as I walk.  But, hey, they are Christmas socks, it won't be like I am wearing them all the time, so hopefully I won't drive everyone to distraction. (Most especially, ME.)

I will be attempting, Monday, to get tickets.  Tom Petty will have one of his concerts in Washington this summer.  I don't hold out much hope at this point, I won't quote prices (subject to change) but let's put it this way.  I have budgeted the same amount for a ticket that would cover almost 3 weeks of groceries (including animal feed) at our house, and have been given the impression that it's not enough.  My total budget, which I have saved over several months, (about a year, actually), was a budget for EVERYTHING.  Gas, food, lodging, t-shirt, etc., was about equal to a month and a half of groceries.  It seems, sadly, that I didn't even come close.  I am hoping they might put another venue a bit closer.  I would be willing to pay a higher price for a ticket, if I didn't have to spend so much to get there and back.  Husband, kiss his ever lovin' toes, is willing to take me there, and back, (I think he's worried about my driving that distance by myself), but if I can't get a ticket... Well, what is the point?

I am somewhat philisophical, I can still get a t-shirt (online), and the new CD, when it comes out.  But it would be fun to actually say Yeah, I went to a concert.  So, I shall see what new uniqueness develops tomorrow... 


  1. Hi Cat. I'm curious if you do any felting with your knitting.

  2. Those socks are amazing!!! I love them!! I was tired just reading your post! And I'm saving for a concert in June! Well, not so much the concert but the hotel stay, food, etc!!!! I love going to concerts!!!

  3. Beth:

    Not intentionally... In fact, this pair of socks is a replacement for a pair I shrank. I have done felting on slippers, on occasion, but generally I just do the knitting part.


  4. Ms. Diva:

    Yeah, I am a 'concert virgin', never been to anything bigger than the local stuff, so some of this is more than a little culture shock. I will see at 10am if I can get tickets, then will plan from there. Stay Tuned!
    (And hopefully I won't be another week trying to blog again! Sheesh!)



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