Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday. Catch up. Randomness...

Looking at my last few blogs, I realized, what with all the running about frantically, I didn't do my last two weeks of scale day.  I was rather mortified to think what kind of tonnage I was going to be up to this week, having finally remembered. 

Down .4 pounds.

I wish I could say I was good about excersizing, and eating better.  I really wasn't.  I did some exercise, but more on the order of twice a week...  I think some of the changes I have made in my diet have helped, drinking mostly water and tea, that sort of thing.  But I didn't gain, so I am happy.  And things have slowed somewhat, so I am hoping to get back to regular exercise.  I know Rudee would appriciate it!

I even was able to exercise today, it's so funny to have Rudee go with me.  He wants to go out and play in the worst way, so much so that he will whine and bark incessantly when he sees my walking poles.  It was sloppy going today, it was raining the last few nights, and froze yesterday.  So going up the hill, I found several places I had to be careful, as we have red soil, that the slightest bit of water makes trecherous. (Hence the walking poles.  Husband actually slid down the hill about 10 feet, on his knees, because of the mud, earlier in the season.)  After traipsing about wildly, Rudee decided that he'd had enough, and started tagging along with me while I walk, tounge hanging out, and giving me the "I am abused, let's go back" look.  Oddly enough, this has happened since I have been 'power walking'.  When I ambled, he never had any problems being out for long periods.  My only guess is, since he likes to shadow me, and I don't stop (or at least try not to) while exercising, he is getting more of a workout, as well, and is feeling less than excited after the 10th or 12th time to and fro.  I go at least 30 minutes, and he gives me "the look" at about 20.  I find this funny, but I have told him to sit, or lay down, so he doesn't have to follow me, and he'll look like he's being punished, so I quit doing that.  He wants to be with me.  Period.

I am seeing signs of spring.  Fresh moss, some new grass, and I think some wild strawberry plants at the top of the hill.  Those won't last long, we have wild rabbits up there, among other things.  It's making my walking fun, seeing what new things are blooming.  When I am not sneezing.  (Eh. Oh, well.)

After this darn season of cold weather, bobcats, and a plethora of roosters, I have... One young hen left.  The bobcat managed to get at least three of the young ones, and one froze, (She was in with the others, so I am guessing she wasn't healthy, but not one of the others seemed to have a problem), and I had 7 roosters, total, (now down to Leo, a very elderly gentleman was looking for some birds, so I decided that they needed a new home, I wasn't going to have time to deal with them properly.)  I have that young hen, and two older hens that are laying some, but after my high hopes for this season, I may have to go buy chicks, if I can't get a gal broody this spring. 

Darn it, darn it, darn it...  Stupid Bobcat.  Stupid cold.  Darn it.

I had a laugh from Husband.  I am getting more familiar with the various deputies, and talk about the various things (that I can talk about) at the sub station.  I was telling him about Deputy X, Deputy Y, Deputy Z...  When Husband up and says, and don't forget Deputy Doo Dah! (Sung to Zippity Doo Dah.)  I was caught off gaurd, and it just made me crack up.  He gets silly little zingers like that in, every once in a while. 

The gent that I was doing the duty for is back and on his feet again, he had knee surgery.  So, with any luck, I will be back on a somewhat normal schedule for a while.  We were all rooting for him to be mobile again, and it sounds like he is, he is coming back to the substation this week.  Yay!  I like helping, but when people start making jokes about living here, I begin to suspect I might be overdoing it.

I am trying desperately not to start planting seeds.  I just went to a local store to pick up some eggplant seed. (I tried it last year, and it grew, so I wanted to plant some for family, and maybe Mom will trade for some of that eggplant parmasan she keeps telling me about.)  Wellll, uh.  I got that, and some flower seed, and some herb seed, and some more...  I think I ended up with about a dozen packages.  Or more, I didn't count. That's not counting the two or three that Mom threw in "because they looked interesting".  I am going to have a garden of HUGE size, at the rate it's going.  The saying "eyes are bigger than my stomach".  I guess in this case "more seeds than my garden can hold."  But they will keep, and I will have lots of things in planter pots and such, so it's still going to work.

(She said, trying to forget the forest of  monster sized zukes she had the other year, when she was gone to faire, and Husband didn't remember to pick, but DID water.  Shudder...)


  1. I don't know why the West Coast fascinates me so, Washington and Oregon in particular. I guess it's because it's so much warmer there, and the flora and fauna so different. I'm fascinated that you are thinking of planting seeds, already. Around here, you either start seeds inside, which I never have much luck with, or you buy already started plants.

    Good luck with all of those "interesting" plants. Do we get to see pictures of your garden, as the year progresses?

  2. I'm on a diet as well. I don't weigh in though. I've stopped sweets and fast food ( I dream of Quarter Pounders with cheese). That should take off ten pounds at least, since dinner four times a week was fast food!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! Awesome!

  4. Louise: The operative word in your sentence is THINKING. It is way too cold at this point to do much of anything but browse the veggie books, buy seeds, and dream. I don't usually get to plant until mid June, if I am terribly lucky.

    As far as where I live, yes, having been born and grown up here, I have a tiny bias to this area. I love to travel, but I love to come back home, too!

    As far as the garden, I do both seed planting and some that are started, that way I have a better chance of having the veggies show up in the same season I plant them... And, yes, I will have pictures as time goes on. And if the deer stay out of my garden...


  5. Jim:

    Oh, boy, you are doing better than I am. I can resist going out to eat for the most part, or at least get something moderately ok... But sweets? My downfall. I just have to keep them out of the house, or they don't stay out of ME. And yes, I am sure that stopping some habits like cheeseburgers could only improve the "bottom" line, so to speak. ;)


  6. Knittinwolf:

    Tankyew! Tankyew! (bow.)



  7. No matter how hard I try, I could never eat better. Mike is such a good cook, and he cooks all the things I like. And he likes ice cream and cake, so we seldom run out of those. I'm doomed, I tell you! I so want to order some chicks, but I just can't right now.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the name of yours! It sounds much like my house! You are a busy girl. Are you a deputy? I used to be a probation officer and am now looking for work. Several resumes out, but no responses yet. As for dieting, I suck at it, so I quit! Hence, I have a large ass!


  9. Chicken Boy's Randy:

    I guess I have the advantage, while Russ can cook, I do the lion's share, so I can at least give him cookies and food that doesn't appeal to me, that he likes, and so I have a better chance of making the lard leave. (Sometimes...)

    And, I am not sure if I am going to order any or not, I might just let it ride, so to speak, I will have enough for baking, mostly, if I am careful, just not the extra that is for selling. (The young gals were paying for the feed for everyone, now there is only one sure layer, and several geriatric gals, and two roosters. Not quite the gold mine of eggs I was hoping for.)

  10. Chickens in the Basement:

    You have a nice blog, and thank you, the name was Husband's idea. More accurately, it was a quote, from when I brought in some eggs when we first got the chickens.

    And no, I am a volunteer, my "physical limitations" wouldn't allow me to do much twoard crime fighting, unless I was allowed to throw things at people, which probably wouldn't go over too well... I am a receptionist/assistant, I would say is the closest definition I could give.

    I wish you great luck in job searching...

    You do NOT have a large ass! It is a cushioned tush! There, doesn't that sound better? ;D


  11. I lost three stone in 6 months with weight watchers........
    put some back on.. but found it easy

    men like numbers to write down

    good luck

  12. John:
    I haven't tried any of the groups, I guess because I live in a rural area, and I am cheap, uh, frugal, I just figure I can do this with the basic, eat less, exercise more mantra. I have nothing against any of the groups, other members of my family, and some friends have used WW to lose, but I guess I am too much of a DIY person to want to be in a group. Besides, I have a group, and numbers to write down, (when I remember, unlike the last two weeks!) Let's face it, I have it in black and white on my blog, so I really don't have much of a way to hide...

    But thanks for the encouragement!


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