Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moving in...

Well, I believe this is Earth Day, but I was playing in the dirt yesterday.  I started seeds, I will plant some more soon, but ran out of potting soil, but here is one side of the greenhouse...

This is a bunch of tomatoes I bought, as I wanted to have tomatoes come on at different times.  The one already has blossoms on it!  (I am SO strange.  I love to grow tomatoes, but don't particularly like them raw.  I like juice, and ketchup, things like that, but just to go out and eat one from the garden. Eh.  But I have family and friends more than willing to take on that duty!)

I also put some wave petunias out in the window boxes.  Sadly, nothing else I have planted, except spinach, has managed to grow there.  So, we have more waves...  It will look nice, and it just adds color and life to the building, so I guess it's fine.  Just wish I could get some plants that would grow UP as well as OUT in the planter!

And lastly, we have some "Santa Claus" fuchsias.  I bought tiny ones, and I am hoping that they do all right.  At least they seem healthy, I have bought some that looked OK, then promptly died.  We shall see.  News as events warrant, I guess. (And no, I don't know what the little thing hanging off of the cord is, I guess the wind caught something with a spiderweb on it...  Our place seems to be spider central right now. Gack...)

At long last things are starting to get back to normal-ish.  The animals are even getting back to remembering, oh, she's that chick that feeds us... Except the llamas, who are getting enough greenery in the field that they come in for food, or not, as they feel like it.  I haven't been exercising much, the ankle is better.  Not really trustworthy, but better.  I might go out later today, or tomorrow and try, but I am just not entirely sure I want to go up yonder hill and promptly fall. 

Tux is much improved, I still can't really get near his neck, what ever got him has made him extreeeeeeeemely shy about letting anyone, even me, touch him there.  But he doesn't stink, and the hair is no longer matted, so I am thinking he is tending to his wound well enough on his own.  

I haven't been able to get on line to blog very much, Husband isn't on Craig's List as much at the moment, but he is looking for some machinist information, and has been haunting the various groups and lists.  Was able to find some of what he was looking for, and able to answer someone else's query, so I guess it works out well...  Right now I am at the sub station, so I have free reign of the computer for the moment...  I worked on a newsletter, but ran out of news fodder, so I have to wait to see what the powers that be want to put in the pages.   So, hopefully I can zip off a couple blogs, and let the universe see what a wild and exciting life I lead!  (HA!)


  1. Gardening can be such a crap shoot, can't it? Your tomatoes look nice and healthy. I'm like you, love stuff made of them, but can't stand them raw. I bought one of those upside down tomato planters on sale last year, and I will plant one plant. We'll see how it goes.

  2. I tried one of those last year, I would say if you are going to put tomatoes in, put in small ones, like cherry or grape tomatoes, and make sure the thing is on something waaay stout, I had it on the end of the kennel, on a brace, it bent the brace when the plant was watered, with the combined weight of soil, plant, and water. But it does work, sort of.

    As for the crap shoot, just ask me about keeping the garden deer free... Sigh.


  3. I really like your green house, where did you get it? Your tomatoes look really nice. I like them raw, cooked whatever.

    I planted some seeds in those pellet things yesterday, DH bought the seed when he couldn't find decent lavender plants.

    Sounds like Tux might be getting better, it may take a while. Poor thing!

    Good that your ankle is getting better!

  4. Love the plants!! I totally need to start some tomato plants...the crops are bad this year and the prices are friggin' outrageous in the grocery stores!! Besides...nothing tastes like homegrown. :)

    Don't forget to weigh-in tmrw morning!! Only one week left in the challenge! Can you believe it?? It flew by! :)

  5. Louise:

    At a local store by the name of "Bi-Mart". It's been commented on by family that I am strange (well, for several reasons, but mostly) because I don't care for raw tomatoes. But I just stick a fresh tomato in the commenters mouth and they usually forget what they were talking about! Heh.

    Yes, Tux seems to be improving, he's a little scrapper, as a rescue, I only have bits and pieces of his history, so I don't know why or what with him in some cases, but he seems to be doing well enough without my trying to 'coddle' him, so I just let him have some cheese, and check on him regularly. He seems to be a fighter.

    And the ankle seems to be tender, but better. I am hoping the "tender" part goes away soon!


  6. Tammy:

    Well, I think that's the way with a lot of veggies, but if you have space, it's the way to go. I think the fresh ones just taste better, (tomatos that we can taste better, to me, too). And yep, will do.



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