Friday, April 23, 2010

The Traveling Wilburys. Or, why not a room?

I am beginning to wonder if Husband has a problem with hotels. 

I had budgeted for the trip to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (now to be referred to as "The Trip"), and even though it was kinda expensive, (ok, probably average for a hotel/motel in the summer months, but I don't GO to hotels in the summer... Or much of any other time, and so I didn't really have a great idea what it cost), I decided it was worth the expense, rather than making it a 24 marathon trip, event, trip, collapse.  But when I talked with Husband, he was less than excited.  He said I should just check on one night.  I did, begrudgingly. 

Honey, why don't I make it for two nights, then we don't have to rush up the night of?

Oh, no, it will be fine, you can sleep while I drive, I can rest in the hotel, then pick you up and we can leave after the concert. 


Then I noticed that he was looking for a canopy for his big truck.  He'd talked about this off and on for a bit, so I didn't think anything of it.  We'd sold the big trailer we used for hauling equipment, so he didn't need the big gooseneck trailer hitch, and he wanted something that would be more 'year around' useable.  So, he comes in an tells me that he has a canopy he's going to get, and that it would be great for camping.

Camping?  We have a trailer... 

Oh, I know, but it's so old, I don't want to put the miles on it.  (Ok, the TIRES are a bit on the less than pristine side, but I would put my little trailer up against most any rig running the road today.)

After some dicussion, I knew it was a lost cause, he wasn't going to want to go in my little trailer, so I changed the subject.

Uh.  Well, I am still going to call about the hotel, right?

Nah, why don't we just check for turnouts and parks.  Didn't you say there was camping at the concert?

Uh. (Yeah, but I am not going to camp with a bunch of chemically enhanced Petty Freaks after a concert.  You want to sleep, Husband? That AIN'T the way to get it.  Plus, I don't even know if there is space left.)  Well, if there isn't, there are campgrounds and such, I would guess there's even parking at Arkansas Mart, if there are any on the way. 

Yeah, that would be great.  We can put a bed in the back, and have a cooler with our food, and make a trip of it, maybe take two or three days. 

(????...  ?Hon, I thought you wanted to go and get back. 

Yeah, but we can take our time this way, and it won't cost so much for you.  (Like I care? This isn't something that happens every Tuesday...)  And that way we know what we have, there shouldn't be any bed bugs or anything.

(Bedbugs?  Where in the blue **** did THAT come from?

Bed... bugs?

Yeah, I have been reading about hotels having bed bugs.  This way, we can take as long as we want, and we have our own bedding.  Besides, it's more room than we had during our honeymoon.  (We slept in the back of a Subaru station wagon.)

At this point, with my mind stipping a gear entirely, I decide it's not worth the effort to argue.  So The Trip will occur, we will be wandering caravan style, in the back of our pickup, and I am trying not to think about the nice hotel room shower, and the hot breakfast.  But we will not have to hurry, and I enjoy Husband's company on long trips, so if he can put up with a non-chemically enhanced Petty Freak, we'll be good. 

Bed bugs.  Huh.  Still don't know where THAT came from.


  1. Not sure if I should comment or not.

    I am with you on the hotel, though.

  2. Well, he's right about the bed bugs. They are becoming a nationwide problem. Lots of sites advise you to check the bed for signs, the first thing you check into a hotel.

    Sounds like you'll have fun with your husband, but remember to take along some ibuprophin, for the back ache you might get from sleeping in the back of the truck. We're none of as young as we used to be.

  3. One last dance with Mary Jane. There's always Denny's.

  4. How funny!! I don't think the no shower thing would work for me. Men!!!

  5. Sharon:

    Sure you should comment! But, it will work out either way... Even if I can't quite work out the way Husband's mind works.


  6. Louise:

    We have decided that sleeping will be with a mattress in the back or a cot, so hopefully I won't be too incapacitated...

    Lessee, if I take my Tylenol and such, will that make me a MILDLY chemically enhanced Petty Freak? Heh.

    Only as old as you feel. Some days I am 2, some 132. Eh.


  7. Randy:

    (That is one of his stranger videos!) :)

    Believe me, I will have to stop somewhere, I have to get some tea in the morning, or I am highly unfunctional brain-wise, for most of the morning! So, I do think that, or some other fine establishment with metal cutlery will need to be on the itinerary. Although I believe the Golden Arches Supper Club has tea... Hmmm.


  8. Ms. Diva:

    The funny thing is, I think it will be more of a problem for HUSBAND. He sometimes showers twice a day (but usually only when he's been working on something extremely greasy or dirty), but still, he has a very cleanliness oriented life, so I think he will be running, not walking, to the shower when we return...

    Thank G*d for two bathrooms with showers.

  9. I love Tom Petty's music too. I can't wait to hear how this turn out.


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