Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whatta week...

I will be posting again soon...  I have been on the go, when I haven't, Husband has been using the computer... mostly for work.  I have had an interesting week. 

In the I-stepped-in-dog-poo-and-why-does-the-car-stink sort of way. 

Not in the I-pushed-the-wrong-button-and-James-Bond-now-sings-soprano sort of way.

So at least that's okay.  More in a while...  And thanks to those of you that have left notes, I will respond, really!  Honest!  (I just need to make it through the next two days.  Friday sucketh, yea, verily, however, Saturday should be good.  I hope.)

Reading of other's blogs, and writing of my own will commence anon... ish.

Give or take an "ish".


  1. talking of dog poo...recently iwent to the cinema with a huge plastic bag full of poo in my pocket (I had just taken the dogs for a walk!!!)

    wondered why I was getting weird looks

  2. John:

    Ooops! I don't think it was quite that bad, but I went to a friend's house, and we kept noticing an "odor". I didn't see where said friend's cat had used the front step for a litter box. Fortune would have it, that I take my shoes off in the house, or it could have been much, MUCH worse...


  3. Has been a week, that's for sure! I had to shampoo poo this morning, nice thing to wake up to, huh?

    PS: I just am crazy about your blog name!

  4. Sharon:

    Oh, no! Erk, even! I do not envy you that! I hope it comes out well enough that you don't have to do more than one shampoo-ing!



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