Sunday, May 23, 2010


Randy at Chicken Boys gave me these!  I don't know if I am receiver of one, or both, but I like them, so I will put them both up and figure out the rest later...

So, ten things you didn't know about me, and 5 things I hate. 

Didn't know about me:

1.  I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out at the same time, over Christmas, so I wouldn't miss school.  I don't remember Christmas, much, either... (Whatever the doc gave me was really strong!)

2.  My family is under the impression that I am "in love" with Tom Petty. No.  I love his music, but he reminds me waaaaaaaaay too much of my one cousin, with whom I had a less than stellar relationship, so while I think he is a fabulous musician, love?


3.  My hair is long, and I 'shed' quite a lot, so nothing that I have spun to date is free of my hair.  I also have to 'groom' my knitting, especially light colored baby items, as this reddish 'border stitching' in random spots sort of detracts from things. (Although, as my hair is turning more grey, it's getting less noticed in the light work, and more in the darker stuff!)

4. I won 2nd place in a karate match in college.  I would have won first, but the gal I fought against made such goofy faces, I lost because I was laughing rather than fighting. (She won, but quite frankly, she fought against other gals only.  I was in a nearly all male class, and believe me, if I had hit her, I think I would have probably broken something on her.  She was all fluff and no power...  But she won, rightly, fair and square.  Even if it did look like she really needed to use the bathroom.)

5.  I have a book in my head...  Mostly.  I have characters sketches written out, and a plot outline, but haven't really been able to write out a good start, so I am sort of stuck.  (One of those things that I guess I should just write until something clicks?)

6.  I am afraid of the dark when I am inside a building, but it's not a big deal when I am outside, even in the woods.  (I have been told this is because of something a babysitter did to me when I was little, but it still seems dumb.)  I have become a little better about the inside bit, but I do tend to always carry a pocket flashlight with me. Just sayin'...

Randy.  10 items?  You realize you are making my brain hurt...

7.  I have double ankles.  Not double jointed, per se, just two bones where the ankle bone is...  This has lead gym teachers to assume I had an accident and broke the bone.  Until 1988, I had never broken a bone, it was just a screwy protrusion on my foot.  (Which I had to have Dad show one of the gym teachers, as HE has the same thing. She then said we'd both been in the same accident... Dork.)

8.  I have petted a cheetah, I have held and petted a baby tiger, I have carried around both a regular and albino skunk, but I have never ridden a camel.  (And no, suprisingly, the baby skunks didn't stink.  Odd  smelling, sort of a musky odor, but not the 'skunk' smell.  The only problem was, they have claws, and they didn't want to let go of me, and unhooking them, so they wouldn't spray, was a trick...)

9.  I had to learn to knit twice.  I learned from my Grandma, who cast on for me, then held my hands to make the motion of knitting until I 'got it'.  This worked great, and I would go like thunder, until time to bind off.  I had no clue how to stop, and just continued until I ran out of yarn.  Then I couldn't start anything new, because I didn't know how to start!  I took a class later, and found out she'd done a good job otherwise, the teacher complimented me on my technique. 

Hmm.  I have dial tone...  Think.  One more thing... Oh.  Well...

10.  I scared the crap out of Husband once, when we were sailing.  I was sitting near the back, and he was watching around, calm sea, and clear sky.  Out of no where, we start hearing "hoooooooooooooooooonk", which means a boat is getting ready to cross your path, and you are too close.  And we didn't see anything, and it sounded RIGHT BY US. "Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... oooo... oooo... ooooooo..."  Each time we turned and looked around, the honking would stop for a minute, then start up again. 

Apropos of nothing, I can push a horn button with my butt.

Husband made me sit on the OTHER side of the boat at all times after this incident.


Ok.  5 things I hate.  Lessee...

1. People treating other people as if they are stupid, for any reason. 

2. Salespeople calling me the "Little Woman" (or "the Old Lady", yes, it has happened), or ignoring me when I am with my husband. (Most especially when I am the one buying said item.)

3. Skunk spray getting into the house vents at 2 in the morning.  Just a marvelous thing to wake up to. UGH...

4. Banana flavored anything.  I have yet to find anything with natural or fake banana flavor I like, except Mom's banana bread, and I think that's only because she puts enough other 'stuff' in there I don't really taste the banana.

5. Dealing with angry people.  I go one of two ways, I either get angry myself, which doesn't help, or I shut down and go all "I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry", whether or not it was my fault, just to get the person cooled down.  (This doesn't work so hot, either, on occasion.)


Ok, I will pass this on to some people, feel free to take, or not, as you wish...

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I should just give the award to the lot of my blogfriends, but it's supposed to be to ten.  Thank you all, and now, back to your regularly scheduled... stuff.


  1. Funny; I was just thinking, gee, I wish someone would pass this on to me and then there, at the bottom of your entry, me 'n' my blog! Good; this'll give me something to blog about next week. Thank you!!!

    P.S. Loved "dial tone" and loved the boat-horn story. Both made me laugh!

  2. Hi Cat. Thank you so much! Err, I think. I'm really going to have to dredge my brain to satisfy the conditions!

    Double ankles - never heard of that. Intriguing!

    Re your book - yes, just write.

    Bearfriend xx

  3. Good Morning, Cat! (brain freeze this morning - or maybe it's a senior moment) I cannot remember your name! I know you have one, where did it go? Hmmm.

    Thank you for thinking about me with the awards, but since I have gotten 3 in my short time I have been blogging, I, for the life of me, can't think of anything that I haven't written about. Blog worthy and family friendly, I mean. Since I have passed them on, I have no one else (yet) that I want to pass them on to. So, if it's ok, I will hold on to them until I have a bigger following :)

    I am the same way about banana flavoring, also strawberry flavoring - I can eat the fruit, but those flavorings are so nasty and fake!

    Have a great day now!

  4. Awwwww! Thanks for the award!!! Get to writing my friend!!! I think a book would be fabulous!!! And I hate being ignored by salespeople!!

  5. I love your lists, lol, great post! :)

  6. Ryan:

    Always glad that some gets a chuckle from my tales. (Or in the case of the boat horn, my tailend...)


  7. Bearfriend:

    It was just more of a "thinking of you" thing, as I said, use it or not, as you see fit.

    And yes, I suppose I need to start just writing... Hmm.


  8. Sharon:

    Save or use, it's fine. (It's an honor just to be nominated? Hee hee hee!)


  9. Ms. Diva:

    Yes, writing. Hmm. And they ignore me at their own peril...


  10. Tammy:
    Thankyew! :D


  11. OK, The knitting post, "I would go like thunder...", and the horn honking incident had the Commander and I laughing and laughing. Thanks for brightening our day!

  12. Chai Chai:

    Glad to be of service!



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