Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok, is this cool, or what? Plus hairballs and greenry...

This is my Auntie, and I just wanted to share this picture.  She is 94 years old, nearly blind, (she has even had to give up crafting and reading, and now uses audio books...), but the elder housing she is at had a 'bike ride event'.  She was the first one in line, and begged to have her picture taken with the bike.  She rode like a trooper, I am given to understand, too.  (Don't the Birkenstocks just make the outfit?)  I just thought this was so utterly cool.

In other news, I have finally gotten around to getting my hair cut!  I went in and had several inches off the bangs, along with enough in the back that my neck feels like a released spring.  This should tell you how long it has been since my last haircut.  As the family joke goes, it was either a haircut, or a flea dip.  I really needed to get the hair done, and she did a fantastic job, too, but I am also fighting my roseacea, so I guess it's a wash. 


One of these days I will have all my 'stuff' together, I will have nice hair, good outfit, no breakouts... But then I think the Earth will explode, so I guess I better not push it too hard.  Eh.

I re-planted some seeds, there should just be enough time to get them established before I have my garden.  I will have to repot a few of the tomatoes, they are already almost too large for the containers they were started in.  (I am immensely pleased about this, for some dumb reason.)  Anyway, I have re-planted watermelon, green, and yellow, among other items.  I decided to go ahead and put the heat mat in the green house.  Husband is...  VERY concerned with potential of fire with something left on, so I made him come in and look at how I'd set it up, so it wouldn't bother him.  He seemed to grumble a bit, but didn't have a (big) problem with it.  It has the added benefit of warming the whole greenhouse, so, the other plants will benefit in the short term. 

I was discussing taking down the greenhouse with Husband.  He'd mentioned using it during the growing season, just keep a plant or two in there, in a pot, with the door 'locked' open during the day, and shut at night so the (@#$%$#@) deer won't use it as a buffet.  I think this is a great idea, and I am just trying to figure out what plants I could put in a little hanging basket I have, as well as the shelving below.  Each of the shelves will probably get a vine type plant each, so I can have clean veggies.  I have "Baby Boo" pumpkins, and most likely will have that in the 'house, so I can keep track of it.  I haven't had much luck with it, so since more than one actually sprouted this year (!!!), I intend to baby the livin' h*** out of them.  There is the other extreme, I had a "Big Max" pumpkin sprout as well, I have been told these can get to humongous size, but if I am able to get a couple nice ones, I will be happy.  I have to check on which things I have planted are NOT hybrid, I want to save seed on a few things, so I will have to double check.  I know I have had good luck with tomatoes and pumpkins, and several flower seeds.  My grandpa used to save seed.  In fact, when he died, we had to throw away bags and bags of seed.  (Almost makes me sick to think about, but we couldn't take most of the seeds across state lines... And some of them wouldn't have grown here well, anyway.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.) 

I am on my fourth try, knitting a baby blanket.  I am just making a blanket of my own design, but I have screwed up my count once, hated how one of the patterns looked when I started again, pulled out the center the third time, and so I am really working to try and not dink up this round...  So far, so good.  Now if I can just get the main pattern established, I can go on autopilot for x inches, make an edging, and poof, "instant" blanket.  The scary part is, I am seriously considering making a full sized one for me.  LIKE I NEED ANOTHER PROJECT...  Sheesh.

Earth calling crazy woman, earth calling crazy woman...

(I am presently in the substation, with my man Petty on the speakers quietly, and I am sleepy.  Wish me luck that I don't nod off...)


  1. Don't fall asleep while you're knitting! Haha!

    I am just green with envy over your greenhouse! I've heard that deer don't like human hair.... got enough to put around your garden? I don't know if it's true or just an old wives tale.

    I never knit a one piece blanket, did make squares and sewed them together. Mostly I would crochet afghans, but if I set it to the side very long while in progress, my stitches were very evident.

    I agree, if I ever got all my "stuff" together, the world would end........

  2. You tell your Auntie, that I think she's one cool lady! (and braver than I!)

  3. I so want to learn to knit. And I want a house with land so I can learn to have a big garden and a chicken coop and a goat.

    I can't wait until Husband retires from the Military.

  4. Sharon:
    Ok, now that Blogger will let me respond... I have fallen asleep on my needles. Regular needles aren't too bad, but if you are knitting a sock, the double pointeds can be hazardous. (And amazingly, I did manage to stay awake.)

    I've heard about the human hair thing, too. I haven't tried it, that I can remember. Hmm.

    I usually get all my projects finished, I just take forever. I have been desperately trying to avoid new ones until I finish the old ones. Not doing as well as I would like, but eh... I get it done...

    Yes, isn't it amazing, it's people like us keeping the earth in orbit and whole? ;)

    And yes, I think she is one cool lady.


  5. Well, the house, goat, and chickens might be a bit tough, but as far as the knitting and the garden, well... The knitting, you could look up online, "learn to knit" has well over 2 million results on Google, so you might be able to find something.

    Also, if any of your friends knit, ask. Believe me, knitters work hard to get people to come to the dark side, er, creative use of time.

    A big garden is probably undoable, especially if you are in an apartment or on base arraingement, but you could always try a tomato plant. They aren't too hard to grow, and with a little work, you get something homegrown, to keep or share. And let's face it, if you have to move, it make it a bit easier, too.

    Just 2 cents, I am not sure it's worth even that much, but anyway...


  6. What an awesome pic! Very cool!

  7. Try growing one of the tomato plants upside down from the hanging planter - or a strawberry plant.

    A greenhouse is one thing that I want to have, but I think it will have to wait a few years.

  8. knittinwolf:

    Thank you, I think they did a great job catching her enthusiasm...


  9. Chai Chai:

    Hadn't thought about the upside down thing, the only problem is the weight... Hmmm. Strawberries might be a bit less hard on the structure.

    Well, this was a few year wait, and it was a gift, one of those erector set set up types. You'll get there!


  10. Hi Cat. I think your auntie is incredibly cool! What a great photo.

    Good luck with your baby blanket ...

    Bearfriend xx

  11. hi, i'm visiting from sharon's blog and i have to say that i love, love, love your auntie. what a great spirit. i'm typing one-armed b/c i broke my shoulder last week. good thing with that is that i now have plenty of time to check out all the blogs my friends follow. -- inger

  12. Bearfriend:

    Thanks! And I am finally getting somewhere with the blanket, so HOPEFULLY, pics soon.


  13. Inger:

    Welcome! And yes, she's a neat lady. URK! Broke your SHOULDER! OUCH! That is not fun... I guess reading others blogs would be a good way to keep your mind off of it, however!



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