Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning, gets your pics here!

I finally can see the Oak Garden again.   And Tux managed not to "help", this time... (However, he has decided that the garden basket at right is now his personal cabana.  Go figure.)

These are a hosta and a bleeding heart that I planted last year, had NOTHING come up.  I put the bricks there as toe catchers reminders where I'd planted them.  I didn't hold out much hope.  I was gleefully, happily, totally wrong...  They just all (Several hosta, two bleeding hearts, and a fern) came up the NEXT year, I guess they are late bloomers...

This is my rock garden, taken from the bench where I sit.  (Please ignore the blasted dandelion I missed.  I am still cleaning this area...)

And my assistant, reminding me that I need to sit and relax more often.  (I actually did, for the most part today.  This job has taken me about 2-3 days in total, but I am learning sloooooooowly, not to push it.  L*rd  knows the stupid weeds will still be there...)

And my next battle project.  This is about 50/50 weeds, and flowers, so it's not just a go and yard things out willy nilly.  Plus, if you look way in the back, we have a tractor disk...  (You can just see the handles, which tells you how deep the grass has become in this area.)

And this is the battle project that Husband has as much stake in as I do.  I clean it out, he tills so that I have a garden space.  We also have to put in one or two more fence panels in the back, and if I have to do much more, I plan on renting it out to the county part of the year for prison space!  :-)

So, I am at least staying well enough to get 'stuff' taken care of.  I hope to have some time before the next rain to get at least a few more buckets o' weeds taken out.  This weekend is supposed to be great. 

I am committed to working away from the house both days.

Once again, Murphy's Law proves infallible...



  1. Hi Cat. That looks like a LOT of work. Well done for pacing yourself and getting through it.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Good Morning Cat! Slowing down is the hardest thing to do....
    I like your Oak Garden n rock garden.
    Sounds like a losing project with those weeds, we have to count on ours to make the lawn greenish. :)

  3. Bearfriend:

    It isn't really hard work (well, most of it anyway...), it's just annoying to have to come to the realization that I cannot do it all in one sitting, or I pay dearly. But, slowly, glacially slowly, I *am* learning.

    And as for the weekend... Hope so!


  4. Sharon:

    Thank you! I think they are doing well, so that's why I keep plugging away.

    I have to laugh about your weed comment. My mom and dad's place has one spot that even in the hottest weather stays nice and green, even while everything else is dead. Where? Right where the dandelions are thickest. (And no, it's not near the septic tank, actually...)



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