Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For the THIRD TIME, I will try and get some pictures UP. Sheesh...

For some reason, I have had no luck getting more than a few pictures up on Blogger.  I guess this means I either take really bad pictures, and Blogger wants them put up in small doses, or I am so doing something wrong.  Anyway.  I have some picture of Seaside trip to share.

First, the haul from Woodland Woolworks.  They are moving, and selling yarn at 50% off, and, of course, that meant I needed to buy 50% more.  Right?  This was just a little stash enhancement... Move along...

This is a drag saw, logging equipment from a restaurant called Camp 18, 5 acres of equipment and history on logging and loggers, and some downright terrific food!  Dad and I always chat about the various bits of equipment on the walls, and people always think he's a retired logger.  He wasn't, but HIS dad was.  So a lot of the equipment is very familiar to him.  (Grandpa was a logger about mid 1940's.)

Cat #1 that I met.  An ambassador of goodwill at Camp 18, but didn't want her pretty little face on camera...  But you pet her, she would see how much of her catness would cover your foot and leg.
These are my "Oregon Coast Sunset" socks, I put them next to Lewis and Clark's DOG, (not a bear), at the Turnaround in Seaside.  Dad looked at it, and decided that it looked like the 'pup had fetched some socks.'  Considering when I read in some of the records they had MOLDY clothes over the winter, fetching wool socks would be a very good dog thing. 
(Handspun single ply, both the color and the white, and plain vanilla pattern, if you are interested...  And the colors are darker than they look in the picture.)

I have much more in the way of pictures, and lots more to talk about, but I don't seem to be able to make things work right now... Hmm.  Maybe have to just type, not picture for a bit, until I can get this to work...

(And me with over 100 pictures of my trip to see a certain performer in concert! They were not all of him, however.)


  1. Hi Cat! Cool colored yarn, bet you are just itching to get your fingers playing! :) Great dog statue (sox are cute too).

    Your pics are too big, I was having the same problem. Blogger just doesn't like 'em when they get too big. I have been making mine 500xwhatever(smaller) and though they may not be too cool looking, I get them up. Usually if I just have one, I make it bigger, like 640x480. I had been thinking it was my stinking satellite - do you have Hughes? If not - It's blogger.

    Thanks for comment on fireflies!

  2. Love your reporting.:) I know pictures always give me trouble too, either take too long to upload and then are not where I want them, it's frustrating. However keep trying can't wait to see more.

  3. I hope Blogger behaves today. I want to see the trip pictures!

  4. Hi! Love your socks! I'm a knitter too, and currently have a giveaway of felted bags going on on my blog. Check them out if you like. My favorite thing in the world to knit is socks. I've done a ton of socks and find them so satisfying to work on, not to mention portable!

    One of my favorite activites is checking out yarn stores...local and whenever I'm in a new town. So I get you adding some stuff to your "stash". You got some neat stuff!

    How goes the weight loss? Mine is sort of floundering so for now I'm mostly trying to not gain!

  5. Hi Cat. It's always a trial trying to get pictures onto blogger! Takes me hours. It was however totally impossible on the old blogger.

    Sometimes I find it helps, after uploading several pics, to save as draft, go to edit posts and bring the post up again. It clears the photo clipboard which tends to speed things up. To get a picture in a specific spot, SOMETIMES it helps to do some typing then hit return then insert pic. Rather than just returning or moving up/ down through text until you get to the right spot.

    Those are a really stunning pair of socks! I LOVE the colours and the little frill on the ends.

    Hope you manage to get more pics up soon!

    Bearfriend xx

  6. Sharon:

    Yes, in that bunch is a CD called "50 socks in 50 states, and I already am thinking about making several... Do I need 50 pairs of socks? (Technically, I think it's more, because they include Canada, Mexico, territories, and one called "state of mind"), so I am looking ahead, even as I am working on a pair I've started before I ever left.

    I have no idea if they are too big, but I know that I am having trouble with the "add caption". I need to just skip that, it seems to make it work better. My biggest problem is just getting it to download IN THE RIGHT ORDER. It seems to put them either all at the top, and doesn't want me to move them, or all at the bottom, when I try to compensate, ok, putting at the top, I will put them in last first, then it tries turning it about again! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH! Just have to use less pics, more blogs, I guess...


  7. Tina:

    Thank you. I will keep trying, I've worked out the problems this far, it's just another thing to work out... (sigh)


  8. Louise:

    They're coming, promise!


  9. Leslie:

    Another for the dark side, yaaaay! Heh... I will hopefully have some time to get on other folks blogs in the next few days, I feel like I am behind on my reading!

    Yes, as far as checking out yarn stores, my definition of SABLE keeps going up. Ahem. I don't gripe about Husband's tool collection, he don't gripe about my yarn collection. We both get good out of them, so it works. Now if I could just convince him that the sheep I want will lower the yarn bill. Problem is, he KNOWS better... (blush)

    Right now, I can't tell you about the loss or gain, haven't been on a scale for some time, I am finally getting home on a more regular basis, so hopefully not too awful. I will have to show what nice thing happened about my weight loss in another blog... IF I CAN GET A PICTURE UP. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...


  10. Bearfriend:

    That might help, I will have to see, but right now, my frain is bried, and I will have to hold off picture stuff until I can be sure I am actually doing what I am supposed to, and it's not operator error causing the problems.

    Thank you, it's funny, I am not one for frills, but I figured calling them "ocean" socks, they needed the waves on the shoreline, so... foam!



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