Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ok, I give up. A story, out of order...

For some unknown reason, Blogger insists that it wants to put the pictures in a different order than the way I have uploaded them, and it's become a migraine class headache to convince it to change the order. So... I won't. I will just tell you about each incident. So there. Pbbt.

So, every fair has to have a balloon, right?  This was a rather creative idea.  We have limited space in the conference hall, and one of the radios needed a tall antenna.  One fairly lightweight antenna wire, one strong weather type balloon with helium, Ta Da, instant vertical antenna!  It was sure noticeable.

This was just another attention getter, but I was soooo tempted to slip some comment about this being where the Sith, (scroll down....) shop for radios...  But I didn't.  I have found some people have a good sense of humor, some don't, after seven zillion people show up for one of these things...  Especially when I get going on my sci-fi bent.  Eh.

A comment on the contact board.  I chuckled, this is sort of an "out there" joke, sunspots are used in amateur radio and this was just more or less an invite to talk.  It was certainly an original way to go about it... Let's see, triggering a sunspot.  Aim a nuke bomb at the sun... Fire.  Yep, that should do it. 
What could go wrong?

Little Sumo dude has been at a few ham fairs at this point, and I notice he's getting more and more "tatoos" each season.  I also notice they always put the candy next to him, too.  Coincidence? 

THIS is the cat I kept. 

Little story... Dad and I walked to the beach, and a seagull had just pulled something out of the garbage.  It was a plastic bag, with what we thought was meat or something in it.  The seagull was not letting anyone have it, and even stood its ground until the last possible second against a CAR to keep it.  Finally, poor bird decided that not being flat was a preferable alternative to food he couldn't get at and left. 

I, being paranoid about plastic getting into animals systems, picked up the back to get rid of it.  I realized it wasn't food at all, it was this toy, still sealed inside.  I took it back to our hotel room, washed off the bag, opened it, and this little cutie was just fine.  It has a little noisemaker, you pet it, and it purrs, then says, "Do I know you?"  (It's from the latest Shrek movie.)

Peek-a-boo!  Got food?

I will dig about and see if I've any more good pictures, but as usual, I take dozens, get a few that are blurry, or off center, or just not very good...  But anyway, these are some of the better ones. 

Next stop... All sorts o' stuff, and of course, Petty!


  1. That was very nice of that seagull to get the bag with the toy in it. It was meant to be for you to have it. :)
    Love that pic of the seagull through the window.
    And that Sumo is awesome! He is so cute.
    I am like you when it comes to plastic and the environment and animals. Those plastic ring things on cans ( 6 packs) I cut up into small pieces cutting thorugh all the rings. Don't want a bird to get tangled in one.

  2. AJ-Oaks:

    Karma happens in strange ways? But yes, I think possibly so.

    I thought the seagull picture was especially good, too...

    And someone after my own heart, I don't even get the six packs, if I can avoid it, but like you,they aren't going to catch a cold, after I get through with them!!!


  3. Love the cat you kept and the seagull picture is amazing, funny how sometimes we just get the perfect shot.

  4. Very ingenious to use a balloon to hoist up the antenna! Looks like a fun place to go! Oh, you saved that sweet little kitty! ;-) Who had/has them, anyway?

  5. Another plastic ring cutter here. Though I don't buy to many-six packs. It's just that darn Wegman's has come out with this Lime Water that only comes in a six-pack, and after some exercise, I just have to have some.

    Now, dumb me. I have been wondering what in the world a Ham Fair was. I thought it was some kind of a pig show. Never ocurred to me that it was Ham Radio.

  6. Hi Cat. Love the sumo next to the sweets - very appropriate!

    Last photo is just beautiful.

    Bearfriend xx

  7. Tina:

    I thought the cat was cute, too. I was just astounded when I saw that picture, the silly bird actually waited until just AFTER the shot to leave. That doesn't happen often. (My numerous deletions attest to this...)


  8. Sharon:

    I think it's not bad, but you have to sort of be a techy/geek/radio bum to get the full benifit. Or just slightly off crazy, like me...

    The kitty was compliments of a McDonald's Happy Meal, I suspect.


  9. Louise:

    Hooray for six pack cutters! Yes, sometimes you do get them, wanted or not.

    And no, you aren't dumb. I didn't specify, I talk about animals all the time, and let's face it, unless you are around the stuff all the time, when someone says "ham", the first thing you think of isn't a radio... Sometimes, not even then.



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