Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ooookay. Well, plan b.

First things first.


I was going to enthrall all of you with my pictures of my trip to the hamfair. (Which oddly enough, doesn't have that many ham fair photos, but nice photos, anyway. At least I think so.)  However, I don't seem to be able to convince Blogger that the photos are on my NEW computer.

Yes, folks, I bought a computer.  It was one of those 'it was meant to be' type things.  I had enough to cover it, and it is one snazzy thingy.  More on that later, except that it's an Acer TravelMate C200, and while it cost a bit more than my Petty ticket, it was WAY less than I could find it anywhere else.  Now if I don't drop it or some stupid thing happens, I should be good to go.  Literally.  Except it is sure a battery hog.  Oink, oink...  I sort of am superstitious, and with all these things going well for me, I am beginning to get a little spooked, waiting for the other shoe to drop...  Isn't that horrible?  TRUE, but horrible, none the less. 

I also had the in-laws show up 4 days early.  So, we shall see what happens.  MIL wanted to go walking with me in the morning, then went out by herself because "it was raining, and I didn't think you could walk in that."  (Um.  I am an Oregonian, not Spun Sugar Woman, last time I checked. Eh. ???)  She also wants me to teach her to knit, although she's made it clear she thinks that's only for old people that can't do much. 

Hmmm.  I try and not follow her logic too closely, trust me, try it and you can start getting amazing whiplash, or a headache.  Or even both on some occasions.  It's truly a thing unto itself, her logic...

So, the next couple days are getting ready for the concert, and when I get back, I get to take a class for the Sheriff's Office, and it's a "webinar", so I will see how the computer does.  I am sort of getting into the swing of how it works, so I am hoping I won't look too much the fool when trying to set up and go. 

This trip I managed to meet two cats, one that I kept, play peekaboo with a seagull, listen to music near the beach, take a picture of socks, and some other stuff, that I really want to show you.  Hmph.

Watch this spot for further details.  Meanwhile, I have to get the animals fed, and get ready to help at the substation. Off I zoom again, I guess.  June.  Wow.  Busy...

Oh, but before I leave, a funny, I am taking a refresher course on my CERT classes, and last night we had to do a full body exam, one on another, I didn't tell the lady about my missing kneecap, to see if she would pick it up.  She lightly, feather lightly touched me.  I said, well, I think you need to touch a little harder, you didn't pick up my 'injury'.  She looked confused, and asked what I was talking about.  I told her to check my knees again.  She touched my knees, blanched, and said, "OH, SH*T!  What is THAT?" 

I told her, and she just shook her head.  But man, she sure as anything had a reaction to that!


  1. New comp, huh? I had a little trouble when I bought this one at Christmas time. I already gave my other one away or I would now be using it. This is an Acer, the other was an Acer and they are all different.
    Another cat as in "Cat" or "Kitten"?
    LOL, did you get the reaction that you really wanted from that gal at the cert. class? That will teach her to really good body exam! :-)
    Knitting is for old people, huh? She sounds worse than me for a MIL! Hee Hee!
    I hope you get your pictures figured out!

  2. What a busy life you have. I know you will enjoy the concert, the computer, and I'm sure, you MIL. -- Inger

  3. Lmao at your last paragraph...what a response lol....oh my!
    Hey with your addition of "eh" you could be Canadian too.

  4. Oh boy, here is your chance to teach your MIL to knit just like your grandmother taught you! (See, I WAS paying attention to earlier posts)

    I want so much to read about her "going like thunder", only to discover that she has no idea of how to stop!

    Out in the rain, hmm, at least you know now that she isn't from Oz.

  5. cant wait to see what a HAM FAIR is? I presume they sell pigs>?

  6. Sharon:

    This is the first Acer I've ever used, it looks to be a pretty good rig. But I think each and every computer has its own quirks, so I understand going through one or two.

    A cat, as you will see if I can get the pictures put up...

    LOL. Oh, well, she is... unique, but I am too, in my own way, so it all comes out in the wash.

  7. Inger:

    Yep! Well... Mostly yep, anyway!

  8. Tina:

    LOL... Not Canadian, but just the written equivalent of shrugging my shoulders. But, yes, I guess it would sound that way, a bit!

  9. Chai Chai:

    ROFLMAO!!! The problem is, the way that woman goes, all the yarn in the house would be gone in a week, and I am NOT giving up my stash that easily! Oz... I love it. :)

  10. John:

    OOPSIE! No, not pigs. Radios. "Ham" for whatever reason, is slang for Amateur Radio operators. (Some say it is because we "ham it up" on the radio, but I don't know if that is true or not.)


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