Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still walking, and maybe a pic?

Walked with my MIL when she came back from visiting a friend, and I managed to say something to offend her... Urk.  I apologised, (I will admit I was rather flippant with her, but I really think after I'd told her things more than once, and was dressed for walking, she might have a clue I wasn't going to skip.  Eh.)  But today's walk. 


I know more about my MIL's digestive tract, than I do my own, I believe.  As well as several other folks that she knows.  And something about a friend of hers that believes that con trails from jets are being poisoned by foreign agents to drop poison on us. 

She can't understand why she's puffing by the end of her walk...  (I do. Heh...)
And I will be writing about the Petty concert soon.  In fact, after a little sit down working with Blogger, I *think* I know what I was doing wrong... Not swearing I know what I am doing, but I am more confidently clueless, at any rate.

So, this is just a tiny bit of the pics, this was on the way over, it is... Uh... Mount Adams?  Darn, I knew I would forget.  I think that's right, however.  It was sure lovely, whatever it's called!

Husband drove me over and back, it was really nice.  We talked about the scenery, things that were going to happen, he asked me if I had my ticket. 


We got lost in Yakima, and then found out that when signs say "X Restaurant" with an arrow, it don't mean that it's close.  We meandered back to where we needed to be, and then went to look at one of the power stations...

Whereupon I saw this sign.

I decided a closeup of the area was done with the focus, not my little toesies...  Husband, he walked out to the edge of the cliff and looked around.  He was wearing boots.  I was wearing clogs.  I still thought he was nuts.  But then, he took me to a concert, that he wasn't going to!  But the scenery was amazing, I have only been to this part of Washington a couple times, and I always find it beautiful. 

(Sans rattlesnakes, of course.) 

And this is the set up for Joe Cocker.  This was when I managed to wander around to find my seat.  You know, walking around with a cane, and looking highly clueless, people seem to want to help you.  At least that was what I found. 

I will try and get 'the' blog about this up soon, but tomorrow, my goal is to get a CERT newsletter and a SALT newsletter ready to go.  SALT is no biggie, I have to just organize and retype. 



Shall we say it's more of a completely, ground up, start from scratch, what the heck do I do creative, free form newsletter? 

So, if all goes well, I will finish both tomorrow, and make an effort to haunt some blog friend's sites. If not, well, guess that I won't...

(I know, duh.)


  1. Oh, Cat, I do believe the next 3-4 weeks are going to drag for you.
    Pretty mountain, nice scenery!
    I think you need a real vacation, believe I will go with you.... or maybe at the same time :-)
    Yes, having a cane (or in my case a cannula shoved up my nose) and looking helpless, does produce help, not always what a person wants though....
    Hang in there!

  2. Sharon:

    I guess it's just the non sequiters (sp?), trying to have a conversation is the equivalent of Alice at the tea party on occasion. But oh, well, it could be much, MUCH worse.

    Vacation. Hmmm. I will have to blog about what amounted to that last weekend...

    This is horrible, I saw the word "cannula", and wondered why in the heck you had a flower up your nose... I guess it's a good thing you can look up stuff quickly online. That does NOT sound like fun. But help can be good or bad, depending on what you need, yes...

  3. Joe Cocker -- will we get to hear about him too? Hope so! What is Sharon talking about?!

  4. Yes, I was enthralled by him, too, but really by his (WOWZER LOOKING) great guitarist! And Sharon is talking about having what amounts to an IV line in her nose. In a word, OMGOWOWOW!!! Or is that four words? Eh.



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