Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Supplement

 An occasional add in, where I actually hide from people take some time to get a blog in before I forget completely to put these pictures on.  I actually stayed home, and worked on getting my plants in planters (if you can believe this, our garden is still so wet that if we didn't have waist high grass, we would sink!)  Since it's almost July, I figure, get everything I can in planter pots and hope for the best. 

So, in sort of neat rows of four, are the plants I have in the pots, in the back there is the green house with at least as many I need to plant, and the red pots will be filled, as soon as "the committee" around here decided they are all finished working on the house, so I can put everything on the south side, and put up some deer fencing.  (The red pots will not be able to be moved, once filled.  At least by me.)

Where I didn't put things in pots, the photo below is a tank right outside my front door.  There is a small tree I am nursing (Crepe Myrtle?) and several pumpkin plants.  And my small composter. 


Doesn't everyone put composters in the front yard?  (In all seriousness, it's there so I can have it handy until I build my full size composter,  kitchen stuff goes here quickly, so I don't forget and make the house smell.  And Rudee wanted to help.  Which mostly amounted to wagging his tail frantically, but hey, we all do what we can, right?  (I love the pbbbbbt expression.)

Everyone is astounded by the success I have with my wave petunias. And ask me what I do. 


I throw the little suckers in the box, add a little fresh soil, water regularly, and deadhead.  THAT IS IT.  After explaining this to several people who now think I am holding out on them, some secret plant voodoo, I will let you in on a vital thing I left out. 

I water them in the morning. 

Yep, that has to be the magic for the ol' things, because I have nothin' else that explains it...  Unless benign neglect is an accepted form of gardening.  (Well, at my house it is, but that is beside the point...)

This is to show Husband's contribution.  We put these up after the house was painted, (longish story for yet another blog...), and he noticed the plant box hangers were almost rusted through.  So, he went and bought some new ones, that I just adore.  I even thought, if I ever have a party or something, looping tassels or streamers through the little hole in the S.  But since the only time I have had a party to speak of, was when we first bought the place, I don't think I need to run right out and get tassel material...  Who knows, could this be...  Motivation?


So, while I haven't been really on the ball, blog wise, (or even computer wise, really...) I have indeed been doing something.  So have the animals. 

We mowed where we could in the field (we didn't need the hay this year), and the llamas have decided they love us, and want to stay where the nice cut grass is.  The hens, however, seem to think they have lost 'cover', and are sticking close to the hen house. 

Rudee looks like he has exploded, fuzz everywhere, I think if we'd check the local birdhouses, they would have heavy dog fur insulation.  Not to mention the fact that I am waiting for someone to call the ASPCA on me for using a plastic rake on my dog.  I can't pull the fluff he sheds, because he starts trying to play, and either knocks off my glasses, (at the last eye check 20/700, so they are pretty important!), or scratches me.  The rake allows him to get as playful as he wants, and I keep myself relatively safe from destruction...  But I have had some extremely odd looks from people driving by as I am busily raking... the dog. 

But, hey, several people have implied I am a few tacos shy of a combo, so I guess I won't worry too much.  

And the cats.  Wow.  They are round.  We have them for the express purpose of catching mice. (At least that's what Husband says.  I think companionship is a completely valid reason.  But I digress.)  Well, they have been catching mice, voles, moles, rabbits (I wish they wouldn't in that case...), and some little ugly thing that looks like a cross between a rat and a pipe.  Loooooong and grey and UUUUUGLY.  But what ever it is, they don't seem to mind the looks!  It's Kitty Fast Food Buffet out here, where we've mowed. 

The only bad thing, poor Tux caught a snake, and was doing his "play with his food" thing, toss, catch, toss, catch.  Until I heard this Gawdaful commotion, to realize that said snake (non poisonous, thank goodness), had managed to BITE TUX ON THE NOSE.  Needless to say, playtime was cut rather short, and the snake make a quick escape.  Tux wasn't hurt, except perhaps for his dignity, and I have noticed rather more mice, and rather fewer snakes on his list of gourmet goodies.  Fine with me, actually.  

But I think Tuxedo might have it out for one red racer looking garter snake, if they should cross paths again.  Dignity be damned, this is personal now! 


  1. I love window boxes and yours are beautiful.
    Glad Tux is ok, what a toy to play with...I am sure he has others. lol

  2. Hi! Love your petunias (and the new brackets, of course), Cannot believe how your stuff is growing! My things are dead or dying here, from the heat and not enough rain. Ah, poor Tux, at least it wasn't a poisonous snake, that would be a disaster! Very busy around your house! Everything is growing!

  3. The planters are beautiful and so are the wave petunias. Who knew you were supposed to deadhead the things? And, as for your planter garden, that's a lot of work getting them all planted, but I bet you have wonderful results.

  4. love his expression!!!
    basically he's saying


  5. Tina:
    Yes, I like window boxes, they just seem to dress up the house. Any house! :)

    And yes, he can find much less agressive toys, if he'd just do so. Unfortunantly, sometimes that is my leg... Or arm...


  6. Sharon:

    Oh, yes, we shall be having "instant on" summer here this week, (from mid 60's and 70's to mid 90's within 3 days. ICK!), and so water will be a must, if I want to have anything look passible by and by. As far as snakes, we have a few poisonous snakes in this area, but fortune would have it, I haven't seen any where we live. Cougars, coyotes, bobcats, nasty stupid neighbor dogs, but no 'bad' snakes. Yet. (sweating nervously...)


  7. Louise:

    Yes, that was something my Mom taught me, you get rid of the dead flowers, and new ones seem to want to grow. Something to do with them thinking it's fall, I guess... ? I just know it works. As for the planter garden, it's an unexpected experiment, so news as events warrant...


  8. John Gray:

    Yep. That is pretty much his exact feelings on anything I do with plants that doesn't include him. Or, even if it does, and he wants to play. THAT gets interesting...



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