Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Title. Yes, this is where the title goes. Hmm.

Well, I have been busy...  I have re-potted several plants in the greenhouse, knitting a pair of mukluks (pics soon), and started on a pair of socks, (I know, I know, another project?) and cleaning frantically before in-laws arrive, along with the normal "stuff".  On the minus side, I have been sneezing so much, I finally dug out the air cleaner for our bedroom and ran it, will  be doing so for a while. 

I live in the Willamette Valley, home of lots of rain (ergo mold), lots of grass, (ergo hay), and lots of green things, (ergo pollen).  I have allergies to, SURPRISE, mold, pollen, and I have hay fever.  God has a unique sense of humor sometimes.  At least with the air cleaner, I can sleep a tad bit better.  Clogging up to where I snore, driving my poor husband out of bed, is not the best plan.  Especially when I am cold, try snuggling up to him, and fall off his side of the bed.  A very rude alarm, at best!  At least Husband has the good sense not to laugh when that happens.  At least until he goes outside, anyway...

I took a picture of the goodies in the green house, I have 19 tomato plants at last count, and I have no idea how many other things.  I have been trying to repot several items, it is still way too cold and wet to put much outside.  I keep wondering if I am going to open the door to the greenhouse to hear "FEED ME, SEYMORE!"

And just because, this is the view out of the kitchen window.  I added the tall flowers recently, ( I believe they are leggy Sweet Williams*, but I won't swear to it), and I thought you might like the view, too.  The hen house door is closed up before 10ish a.m. so we don't attract bob cats...  Hoping it works, at any rate.

I will be on the go to Seaside for the Ham Fair and will be gone this weekend.  Next is my Petty run, the next is Black Sheep.  I might... possibly... by some accident... maybe have the last weekend free.  With any luck it will have stopped raining by then and I can plant with out drowning everything.  I hope. 

And that's not counting the normal stuff and nonsense that happens in a month...

So if I blog a bit less, I am still here.  Just a lot more mobile. 

Even for me. 

* I finally found the tag for the flowers, it is Dianthus. Ta Da... 


  1. Ever notice that it's the busy people who can always take on "one more time?" Sounds like you're one of those.

  2. I do so envy you, that stuff in your green house looks so much healthier than my plants outdoors!

    Pretty Petunias!

    I need to be busy.............

  3. Been repotting here too!:)

  4. Louise:



  5. Sharon:

    I don't know what to tall you, other than I am a "Darwinian Gardener". If it grows, I plant more, if it doesn't, I don't bother. I do really well with Petunias, so I usually get a LOT of those.

  6. knittinwolf:

    You sometimes wonder how many pots you can fit into a given space when you start. Those plants can really take off when given a chance!



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