Friday, June 18, 2010

Walking with MIL.

It has been okay having the in-laws here, for the most part.  They have a trailer, we have the house, so we have "alone" time.  I can listen to my stuff, and they can watch their stuff, and it doesn't bug either party. Good there.

MIL wanted to start walking, and asked if I would walk with her.  Hmm. Okay, I guess, haven't been walking, and I bet she'd like to see the rest of the place. 

Oh, no, let's walk on the road.

The road?  Where there are speeding horse trailers?  People that have confused our road for Indy time trials?  THAT road?  Uh. -shudder- Well, give me a minute, I will put on my vest and hat. (I have a danger orange vest, and brilliant red ball cap.  It makes me look like a fashion plate for dork hunters, but at least I know people can see me.)

So, the first morning, nada.  She said she thought I wouldn't want to walk with it raining.  After explaining that if I only walked when it wasn't raining, I wouldn't walk!  The next day, she came in, and I hadn't known when she wanted to walk.  She looked confused, you aren't ready. (I am putting on a hat and vest, not a corset and bum roll, lady...)  So, I slip on the duds, and off we go, but not without her complaining that I would be cold, as I didn't wear a jacket.  (If I wore a jacket, I would be steaming within seconds.  I don't generally wear a jacket until it's well below forty.  I warm by walking... A LOT.) 

She informs me that she doesn't want to talk while we are walking.  Works for me, there is a lot of animal life around, and I love listening to them.  We start out, and she asks some innocuous thing.  And another, then starts talking about weeding.  And her neighbors.  And some friends. 

And on.  And on.  AND ON.  I wondered idly, if she would be able to breathe by the time she got back.  I simply answered questions, if it seemed appropriate, and "hmm"ed, or "uh huh"ed, as needed to acknowledge that I was listening. 

Oh, look, Killdeer, says I. 

MIL- oh, yes, did you know that the neighbor's dog blahblahblah...


The cows are coming to the fence to see if we will feed them, I say "Hi, Cows!" 

MIL was startled, she hadn't noticed them walking up, as she was intent on some explanation of an older neighbor's ailments at the senior park she lives at.  I just smiled, we walked on. 

Talktalktalktalktalktalktalk ad infinitum....

Anyone who has read my blog knows that I don't talk politics.  I figure, you have a right to your person, I have a right to mine, and that is part of the joy that is the American SECRET ballot.  I don't have to say if I am for Obama, Clinton, Bozo the Clown, Tom Petty, or the Man in the Moon. 

We walked.  MIL started talking about a politician she likes.  I wasn't even really clued in, just "uh huh"ing as I thought good.  Next thing I know, she is saying, "Well, I can tell YOU don't like X."  Caught off guard, I just said, "Don't like, don't dislike, just another politician."  She then proceeded to correct me about this erroneous thought for the next bit, saying all the good X had done, and so on.  I kept quiet, as I don't really even LIKE this politician, but she has a right to her opinion.

Then she asks, "Have you lost any weight since we've started walking?" 

I don't know, haven't weighed myself.  Clothes are fitting, so I think so.

You don't know?  What diet are you on?

Uh, I am just working on portion control and not eating so much sugar and crappy foods. (Here, in all honesty, I haven't been doing so well on the sugar and crappy foods part of late...)

Well, what is your metabolism like? 

Uh.  I don't know.  It does, and I to move so it will do better?

Don't you count calories? 

Nooo.  I forget to put things down, it doesn't work for me.

Oh, it's just a terrific way to lose weight blahblahblahblah...

Thank all that's holy we finished the walk about then.

Do you think I should open with conversation about my going to the Petty concert on tomorrow's walk?  Or conversation about Rhode Island Red food to egg conversion?  Oh, I know, wheel ratios on my spinning wheel!  That will spice things up! 

I might get her to running to finish the conversation!


  1. LMAO....omg you just have fun lol

  2. Oh.... Jeez.... When are they leaving? You DO have my deepest sympathies.

    Relatives and fish start to make a bad smell...
    after three days.

    Do they not have a clue?

  3. Oh your poor gal you. I totally sympathize with you. Some mil are, well, you know! You handled yourself better than I would. I haven't spoken to mine in several years and am just fine with it.
    Here's a much needed hug for you.

  4. take a deep, deep breath and down the gin!!!!

  5. Hi Cat. Yeah - I'd definitely get her running!

    Bearfriend xx

  6. Holy Crap good luck! My Dad always had this saying "Empty cans make the most noise" So I try to talk about stuff that really matters to me. not just a lot of crap.
    I love your blog!

  7. Just curious, what are the chances of your MIL knowing about this blog and possibly reading it?

    It may be time to break out the secret hoarded yarn stash.....

  8. Well, you did get some exercise at least!lol, Inger

  9. Tina:

    Um. Okay. A big red clown nose? Something...


  10. Sharon:

    They will be here off and on (they are visiting lots of folks local-ish), until mid-July, at least that was what I understood... Until they change their respective minds.

    A clue? Most likely, not...


  11. AJ-Oaks:

    Oh, she just goes off on one of these tizzies every once in a while. As long as we have time for me to get away from her, and she me, we do fine. That said, I always take hugs!


  12. John:

    The idea is to walk, not stagger! ;D

    Although with my alcahol tolerance, stagger might be a big accomplishment...


  13. Bearfriend:



  14. Rina Chester Daisymum:

    (That sounds almost royal, ya know?) While I see where you are going with that, I think she actually feels what she's saying is important. At least when I follow what she is saying. She can go into frankly amazing shaggy dog stories to get where she's going... But she does eventually get there.

    And Thank You!


  15. Chai Chai:

    Actually, I had told her about my blog two or three times, she wasn't interested. So I vent somewhat freely, figuring she's not interested, if she comes on it, I don't know that she'd realize it was mine right off, (Unless she recognized Tuxedo's lovely face), and I think she's more into cards and social games of the like, than blogging. Emails, yes. Blogs, not so much.

    But if I can nail her feet down for a few minutes, I will see what I can get her to learn. Old ladies like me have to do something to stay active! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  16. Canyon Girl:

    Yes, yes I did. Not intending for a political stress test in the mix, but hey. I was moving!


  17. ROFL! LMAO! Too Funny! We all know you would vote for Tom Petty!

  18. Randy:

    NOT SAYIN'! >grin< However, it is interesting to note that at the concert I heard "Tom Petty for President" more than once...



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