Thursday, June 03, 2010

Zooooooooooooom. (Drive by blog.)

Getting my stuffin's packed to leave, giving Husband the quick rundown on what needs be done while I am away.  I need to make a batch of cookies, wouldn't ya know, he's almost out.  My fault, didn't check the cookie jar.  (After almost 20 years of weddedness, don't you think I would figure that Husband generally only reminds me there are no cookies, when the cookie jar is growing spider webs?  I have been able to get him to let me know when the milk is running low, but cookies?  I guess he figures if staring sadly at me works for Rudee, it works for him. HA!)

Hope all of you have a nice weekend, I will hopefully have pics when I return.  Who knows, I might even have in-laws here when I return.  {shrug}

So.  Who wants to take bets that I will need a machete when I come back, to get into my green house? Urk, forgot to give Husband greenhouse instructions...

Gotta go. See ya.


  1. You have time to make cookies?
    About greenhouse, better give him a detailed note or plaster it to the fridge door.
    Have a good one!

  2. Have a ball! Take notes. ;-D

  3. Have a great trip and weekend!

  4. Thank you all, will wander to your blogs when I return, and maybe even write mine!


  5. Hey Cat,
    It's me Amy, from "Not So Secret Life of a Not So Super Together Mom". I've been missing you and so have added you to my blog roll over here, where I CAN be found during the summer, as I work my way through Anatomy and Physiology. So whether you wanted to or not you'll still be hearing from me. Bwah ha ha!!
    Seriously, have a FABULOUS trip, and I'll be back soon! Can't wait to hear all about it and see the pictures!:-)


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