Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The drive over. (Mojo)

The chipmunk we dubbed Bowling Pin.  He doesn't look it so much in this picture, but he had bootie to spare.  Not a tiny guy...

These were just a few of the hundreds of wind turbines we saw.  I am guessing, but I suspect they are at least 100 feet high. 

I don't know if the striping effect on the hills is natural, or man made, but I thought it was really interesting.  Especially watching the birds that had made nests on some of the higher ledges...

A view we saw for quite a way. I thought it was gorgeous. (Gorge-ous? Ouch...)


  1. Bowling Pin is a cutie!
    Great scenery pics. Hmmm, the ledge one is interesting.
    Is that an old farmhouse in the forefront of the last pic?
    What mountain is that?

  2. AJ-OAKS:

    I think it is, there was a lot of farming in the area we drove through...


    Adams, I think, but I wouldn't swear to it. I will have to steal one of the maps we used and check... But I think Adams.

  3. Wow, your chipmunks are a lot different from our chipmunks. Ours are small little creatures with gigantic cheek pockets to stuff food in. They're a light chestnut brown, with stripes.

    That's interesting country you drove through. I wonder if those windmills are really working, or still in the test stage. We have some south of me that have been up for several years now. They don't work, and are still in the test stage.

  4. Louise:

    I think there are different chickmunk types in different areas. The ones near where I live are dark brown with little a little black and white racing stripes down its spine. These guys maybe were dusty colored because of where they live, but that's just a guess on my part.

    I am making the guess, as well, that the mills were working, as several dozen of them at a time were turning, and I know that several power companies in our area have been establishing "clean and green" power, so this would follow...


  5. That Bowling Pin is one heck of a butter ball, for sure! Nice pictures, I like the mountain, that's cool.

  6. Sharon:

    Yes, he is rather more ample than the average 'munk (to steal a phrase), and I am almost sure at this point that is Mt. Adams.


  7. Quite lovely pics. What mountain is that?

  8. Randy:

    Mt. Adams, unless an eagle eyed Washingtonian corrects me.



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