Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Supplement, July 4 edition...

Yes, folks, still in the land of the living. 

I think...

Other than I came down with one H*LL of a cold, and while I haven't quite got the looks of Barry White, I may soon sound like him soon.  I can now honestly say I am rather sick of tea, and very sick of cough drops.  (And still haven't convinced PIL that I don't want to go to visiting BECAUSE I AM SICK.  This seems to be no big deal, except to me, and we would be visiting frail older folks and very young children.  Is it just me, or is this just so not a good idea?)

But enough of that.

For your Fourth of July pleasure, Fireworks!

(With Special Thanks to Friend of the Bear, who explained how to make Bloggers pictures actually DO what I am trying to MAKE them do...)

Anyway, some skyrockets bursting.

And some sparklers, for the little ones...

Red Rockets bursting! Boom, even!

Hell Fire rockets, with bright tails.

Star Bursts! OOOH, AHHHHHH!

Then, of course, is always the danger of your fireworks getting away from you and going off where you don't want them!!!

I have been walking, and trying to do house upkeep and cleaning, but that is about it.  My frain is bried for much in the blogging department at the moment.  (And I have been getting nasty looks when I am on the computer, although that hasn't slowed me down much...)  So, keep watching this space, I will have regular blogs back soon.  And perhaps Rudee, Tux and I can go walking up the hill again, too.  They sure miss that. 

Boo, hoo, I know, cry me a river.  Husband ran Rudee up the hill with the 4 wheeler, (Husband riding, Rudee running), and they were both happy.  I just worry too much.  I just have to get back in to my groove.

But no, my name isn't Stella...   And I am not an Emperor. 


(And for my friends not celebrating American Independence Day, Happy Sunday, and watch out for crazy Americans with fireworks!)


  1. Eh? Are you sure you are not Canadian? lol...
    Love those pictures of your flowers, they sure are growing nicely.

  2. Hi! Can't remember your name, cat's got my tongue! So, you get those looks when you are on the computer too? What's up with that?
    I love your fireworks display! I don't have a single sparkler left! AW!
    You have the "different animal" huh? So sorry, I hope it's not from your fireworks.

    If you need this decoded, let me know!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, what's left of it!

  3. a wonderful idea
    flowers as fireworks!!!

  4. Tina:

    No, just lazy, eh is shorter than {shrug}. And I am pleased, if somewhat surprised, they are quite nice this year. Half expected them to drown! (Now I need to worry about the other extreme...)


  5. Sharon:

    Well, uh. Okay! Hi! LOL!

    Have a great one,

  6. John:

    Thank you, I got the idea, really, from the lovely little red and white ones, they looked like little rockets, and it just "blossomed" from there! (HA!)



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