Saturday, July 24, 2010

That's a little better...

Other than I can't figure out why the color on the masthead keeps changing from black to red on my computer, it is definitely an improvement on that tremendously RED monstrosity I mistaked up yesterday.  ICK!  The snow is gone, too.  Guess I just can't combine snow and summer.  At least not here...

Husband gave me a new watch for my birthday, I had scratched the face of my old one so badly, it was hard to read.  We are going to use that one for when I am going to be getting into 'stuff', like washing the dog, hauling lumber, etc., where the watch is open for abuse.  The new one will be the everyday thing...

So, what wild and craziness am I up to on my birthday? 

I am knitting on the last of the Mojo socks.  And I am reading a book. (And blogging, of course.)  Thrill a minute, but ya know, it's a nice change of pace. 

Oh, and for an "I don't know if I am helping, or abusing", the girls are looking pretty threadbare, the two roosters were acting like frat boys on Viagra.  I finally, but finally have one hen sitting, and they were even trying to drag her out for some... Attention.  So I finally took the biggest rooster, and penned him up.  Longtail is indignant in the cage, Leo is trying to decide if he is the head rooster now (he's actually crowing, something he's really not done all that much), and the girls...

Well, they just seem confused, right now. 

Next week I will throw Leo in the pen, and have Longtail out.  One interesting item, they all want to stay near Longtail, even Leo doesn't go too far afield.  I hope Leo gets the same consideration, I don't really mean this to  be a punishment, I just need the poor girls to recover, and don't want to get rid of the boys!



  1. Oh, my, those poor hens! They must be miserable in the heat and then have a rooster chasing them!


  2. Sharon:

    Yes, I feel especially for Buttercup, she is wearing a saddle/apron, because she is nearly bald on her back, and we suddenly have near 100* weather. So the Boys are going to have to take a breather... (Turds...)


  3. Time to break out the gypsy costume and give the rosters the ole crystal ball trick (threat)..."Your future is cloudy, I see ... I see rice and, is that a dumpling? Maybe you should just lay off the girls for a little while, if you catch my meaning...."

  4. Good call. Roosters sometimes need a bit of the starch taken out of them. You don't want this to end up like one of my friend's roosters, who spurred someone one time too many and the story ended with dumplings.

  5. Chai Chai:

    I am sort of getting the feeling that the GIRLS are worried that will happen, I think the boys are pretty sure they know it won't. Unfortunantly... >:(


  6. messymimi:

    I don't know if it will take the starch out of the one, I think he is ALL startch. Even shooing him with a broom wasn't enough to... lower his ardor, he just ducked under, then jumped the girl. And that was with me trying to put him in the cage!



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