Thursday, August 05, 2010

Emoticon Scale day.

I meant to do this yesterday, but eh.

I decided to bite the bullet and start weighing in again. 

: /

I suppose I was a bit stubborn, (me? Ha!), but I knew that with in-laws here, I wouldn't be able to eat normally.  I felt stressed, and I got nearly daily, gee, we've been walking, have you weighed yourself?  Add to that eating out nearly 2 to 4 times a week, and I was not being particularly warm and fuzzy.

>: (

I just ignored it, tried my very level best not to over eat, walked, and tried to be a good kid. (Ok, I sucked down my birthday cake like a Hoover, but otherwise, I was pretty good.)

: I

Once in-laws left, I felt sorry for Rudee, who can't go out on the road, (He has NO CLUE that vehicles will hurt him, and I figure, we have a big pasture, why go on the road?),  so just to see if I could do it, I kept up with the walking, but I tried for 7 days a week.  Could I do it?

: ?

It has been a bit over two months I have been walking, and I have added "meditation" at the end of my walk.  I don't know if that is the right term or not, I have a chair, and I might pray.  I might plan the day.  I might just go into mental dial tone.  Rudee gets some ear scratch time.  Tuxedo will jump onto my lap, and usually will sit and be petted.  I feel better, and am now looking forward to 'earning' my time with my walking.

: )

But, thought I, a few days ago, I really haven't checked.  Am I gaining, losing, what? Ooooh, don't like to think about it, what if I am more than before...  Then while sitting and meditating, I realized, ok, if I don't know, how can I know if I am getting better or worse?  Suck it up and weigh in.  If there's a gain, you work on losing again.  If there's a loss, it's... Well, I was going to say gravy... It's golden? Bleepin' golden, even?
So with heavy trepidation, I got up on Wednesday, and stepped on the scale.

: *

As you can see to the right, the last time I weighed myself was April, at 242.2

The scale said 242.

I wish I was further along, but ya know, I think I will take it, and then work on downward harder.  I know some things to work on, and I know Rudee is a VERY enthusiastic workout partner, so onward to lower lard!

: D


  1. Oh, I know dieting is the pits, if I could stay on that horrendous diet of no fats, no sugar (and of course, no salt) diet, and exercised more, I could probably shed a few. I still stay away from the salt. With this heat - forget the walking, or the bike. I haven't gained, so I will be happy with that until this heat is out of the way. I think when we round the bend of a certain age, it's just harder for us gals to get rid of the excess baggage. (For me, the bend was 45 - everyone probably has a different one) For me, I am fairly happy with my exterior, which happens to be aprox 50# over what the Dr sees as healthy, but I look at their stomach and think "Just who are you to call the kettle black?"

    If you would like we can maybe do losing weight together, keeping track of ups and downs and exercise - privately - after this god awful heat is over. A thought.

    Walking every day has probably changed some of the weight from fat to muscle and muscle weighs more.

  2. WOW you sure are brave Cat, I admire that. Well I am right there with you in that struggle, right on the same wavelength. It's a long and hard struggle, I kind of have a "secret blog" about my weight issues. It's like a never ending struggle isn't it?

  3. You have maintained, in spite of the well deserved birthday cake. Yahoo!!!

    Focus on getting healthy through the walking, meditation, loving your body with movement and good food, and you will get healthier, no matter the weight. It will come off, too, but that becomes the bonus.

  4. You are an amazing gal, being this honest not only with your readers, but yourself. Why am I not following this blog?? Well, I am now. Life is a journey . . . just keep going. You're doing fine.

  5. I like your rewards on the right. Keep up the walking and mental breaks. You'll feel better and more centered.

    Heck, I need to add meditation to the end of my workouts my darn self.

  6. You may not be losing weight, but, maybe, you are replacing fat with muscle mass. Sigh, at least that's what I tell myself. Whatever it is, keep up the walking. It does make you fitter, and, I have found that it helps the knees.

  7. I was noticing the other day that it's been a while. I was wondering if maybe you had given up. Don't let it get you down. Is the new doc still shiny? Maybe he has some good pointers? I know eating healthy isn't easy. I asked my mom what to do about an ulcer I thought maybe I had. She said to eat better. I frowned at her. Are you kidding? I love Chinese food, jalapeno poppers, fried foods....I know you know what I'm talking about. But still I could stand to lose some from my belly. Maybe I should start walking, too. Keep it up, dear. ;)

  8. Sharon:

    Yes, if we could eat just perfectly, we wouldn't probably gain weight. There are limits, at least for me, how perfect I want to eat. I want to learn to eat, just not so MUCH! And I had the opposite problem from you, with my last doctor, he was a super runner did all things right, and basically said I was just fat and lazy, and if I would just go run some marathons, I would not be so fat, besides, any of my problems were all in my head. I am happy to say that my new doctor is a bit more realistic, and realizes that someone with arthritis in both ankles might not want to run 5k's.

    And yes, the heat can be a bear. Or a female dog. Take your pick.

    And sure, my email is at the bottom of the blog, so feel free to email, at least we could commiserate! ;)

    Fat to muscle. I have heard that, don't know if it's what's happening or not. But I hope that it works, to get lard off...


  9. Tina:

    Brave? Never thought of it that way, but thank you. But, yes, it is a continual struggle. But I suppose, when you look at it, anything worthwhile is. :)


  10. messymimi:

    Yes, it didn't go on in a day, and despite my devout lack of patience, it won't come off in a day, either. But yes, take the long road, and care for myself, I will see benifits. Eventually.


  11. LemonyRenee':

    Welcome. Just know this is a soup to nuts blog, but please sit, read, and enjoy. But yes, I try to be honest, it helps work things out...


  12. LaShaune:

    It has been working! And yes, I do feel much more relaxed, and maybe even more entergetic.

    And if you can, it does make for a nice end to a workout. 'Least it does for me...


  13. Louise:

    I have noticed I am not as clumsy of late, so maybe it is making me more fit. And it helps my knees, what there are of them, and my ankles, so it's very good...


  14. Randy:

    No, I haven't given up, but I was getting a bit frustrated with the way things were going, and figured, I would work out, but not send myself to the loony side by adding stress on stress... And I know what you are talking about, there are good choices with Chinese, but I am not sure what can be done about poppers, except only have them once in a very great while. I personally have the downfall of chocolate. BIG surprise... But yes, walking helps. And yes, I will keep it up, thank you! :)


  15. been here
    and know exactly what you are feeling....

    when the time is right
    things will change

  16. John:

    Hope so. Just glad I feel better. (And why can't the right time be NOW? Just sayin'...)



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