Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi, buddies, I'm home!

Well, I will tell you more about the great Ren Faire of 2010 later, but suffice, this was going to be the last year I was going to be in the job I have.  That thought has changed.  (I have very few pictures this year.  New camera, not hard to run, but I was always trying to take pictures with the wrong button.  Different camera, different place to click... Grrrrr...)

I actually arrived home late(ish) on Monday.  Tuesday was spent decamping, so to speak, getting all the renfaire sales items out of the trailer, getting most of my clothes out, (I still need to get the dirty clothes.  Can anyone loan me a gas mask?), and making sure the batteries are out of any items like radios, so I don't end up with a nasty mess next year when I try using the things. 

This is interesting.  I am typing this at the sub station.  The back door lock broke, and the locksmith is working on it as I type.  Large metal door, a saw, and lots of buzzes and thumps.  When all is said and done, the deputies will not have to enter through the front, they can come through the back again.  Considering the bathroom is about four steps from the back door, this will be a welcome improvement for several of them!  Seconds count!!

This week I lost 1.4 pounds.  I think that being a pack mule had something to do with it.  If I had to move something, I tied a wagon to my waist, and pulled with legs and walking sticks.  Dad took the rear, keeping  the overloaded creatively stacked wagon from tipping over with all the lovely goods for people to buy.  And for decorating the booth. 

And if you wanted to get food, walk. 

Something to drink? Walk. 

Potty? Walk, except at night, when I used the porta-potty.  (I have my limits...)

Then there was setting up the booth, which I didn't do much of.  What I did, was find all the people that know how to set it up, get ladders, get other people away, so that there was enough space, and scare up parts, as needed.  All in all, I am wondering why I don't have little stumps down below my ankles, as much as I walked! 

Oh, and I walked around faire once or twice, too.

Amazingly enough, the morning after faire, I still was able to get up and get in my half hour of exercise with Rudee. I wasn't exactly running a sprint, but I was able to get him motivated, and keep a good pace, so I think all went okay.  Tuxedo was surprisingly nonchalant about my being gone, usually he's like a suction cup to my leg after I've been gone, so when he was so "yeah, hi, oh, you're home, good..."  it surprised me.  Then I found out that Mr. I Don't Like Cats has been petting and playing with him a lot during the time I was gone. 

So, I have an award, I will cover that tomorrow.  Thank you Chai Chai! 

And now, I guess I should make the vague attempt to see if I need to do anything for anyone, here.  I haven't needed to of late, but I will have a newsletter I write coming up, and so...

I need to type!


  1. Hey Girl! Welcome back!
    Yeah! 1.4# Believe I have gained twice that since I became a UPS truck.
    All that walking would have killed me, you must have good lungs!
    Argh, that miserable unpacking! Just breathe for a while, it isn't going anywhere, is it?

  2. UPS truck. I love that! And no, it's not going anywhere, but with the trailer being sooo tiny, (it's a perfect size for me, or me and one other person), if you have much of anything not necessary, it's a BEAR to move around in. And I will be using it soon, so I figure, the sooner it's clean, the less I have to do last minute... (I hope...)


  3. I'm glad you had a good time, and that you are back safe.

    You have my sympathy on the camera. I can only use a PhD camera -- Push here, Dummy! LOL

    No gas masks, but could you just burn it and buy new? Nah, too much trouble. You can always resort to the old clothespin on the nose trick.

  4. Welcome home! Can't wait to hear your stories.

  5. Oh the things that happen at home when we are not around lol funny how all of a sudden everybody can get along and be fine without us, but as soon as we are back, they rely so much more on us lol...well at least here at my house.

  6. messymimi: I must say, PhD has a slightly different meaning at our house, usually in reference to the table, piled high and deeper!!! :)

    No, don't wanna burn it, it's two full days worth of faire clothes, I don't want to have to buy new... Clothespin? might work!


  7. Tina:
    Yes, that sort of happens here, too. I think that in my case, it's just that Husband has no clue where to find anything. If it's not mints or toilet paper, he has to hunt high and low... (I guess it's good he can find the toilet paper!)



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