Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Scale day...

Yes, it's a thrill packed blog...

If you are an insomniac, possibly.  On the good side, I lost this week, .6 pounds, I'll take it.  Half a pound is better than none, right? 

Or something like that. 

The weather is getting colder, we had rain yesterday, and it was cool and misty today.  I do my shift at the substation on Wednesday, so I set up the crockpot, and made pea soup.  Husband came in, sniffed hungrily, then commented, we haven't had that in such a long time, I really like that soup. 


Uh, I don't normally make a HOT soup when the outside temp is over 80.  Eh.  But he will have soup. 

I will have to stop and get milk... again, before I go home.  Husband is always concerned with our health, and found out that women, of a certain age in their lives, need more calcium.  He is now driving me nuts encouraging me to drink more milk, and a bit less tea.  However, we both like milk.  I am now up to 3 gallons about every 5 to 7 days.  Much more and I think it would be easier to get a cow!  :)  (But I still am drinking tea...)

It's been sort of quiet at the substation, the biggest thing I've had lately was this gent that was FURIOUS because he'd received a ticket, and wanted to talk to the deputy that gave it to him.  I asked to see the ticket.  It was a city police ticket, not a county ticket.  I gently explained that he would need to see the city police, this was the county sheriff's substation.  Whereupon, the man snorted, aren't they the same thing??!? 

Uh. Nooo... 

Then trying to explain where the police office was, to someone who wants North-South type directions, and I give, go to-turn here type directions, he was ready to boil over.  Fortune would have it, a deputy came up and gave him North-South directions, so he was at least able to get THAT much... 

I don't think I would have wanted to deal with the man when he arrived... eeep. 

Still knitting on my sock, just need to finish a toe.  Hopefully pic on Friday. 

Ok, if you are still awake, good job.  If not, uh...



  1. Yah, I could go for some pea soup myself!

  2. I was very sleepy before I read your blog as I just woke up from a nap. As always, I enjoy reading about your adventures so much. Didn't know you worked at a sheriff's office. Must be interesting. Have a nice evening.--Inger

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss! I need to watch my pounds creeping back. I've been making hot chocolate and drinking milk that way. It's getting cold here too, but it is supposed to heat back up tomorrow.

  4. Still here, and the guy sounds like the type who deserved the ticket.

    Yes, half a pound is good! Slow and steady keeps it off.

  5. I too have a husband that encourages me a goodly part of the time. =)

  6. Hi, All:

    Sorry I have been so slow in responding, seems like I have crainial rectal inversion at the moment, I am getting super busy, and I guess need to make a list.

    #1, answer and print blog comments!

    But thank you all for checking in. And Husband did like his soup. And I think the poor guy was more frustrated about the ticket than angry at anyone. Just a guess...



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