Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Supplement. No picture edition, but several plays on words...

There once was a dork named Cat
Who's Mom's birthday she was at.

She made some socks slouchy,
But now Cat is grouchy,

Because pictures of them she forgat!

(OH MY G*D that was horrid.  But you get the idea...)

Mom's birthday was yesterday, and I made her some "slouch socks" from the book "Not Just More Socks", but spaced, and never took any pictures, so I will have to take some when next I see her, and have the camera...  Husband gave her some yellow roses, and we both gave her a goofy card, saying we weren't going to get her a wireless computer, so we got her a computerless wire... (We silly, yes.)

Anyway, if I am not blogging or commenting much this next week, I will be time travelling, back to Queen Elizabeth's reign, hangin' out in da hood of Shrewsbury, yo.

Ok, that was worse.  You have to admit, that was much worse.

So, this is when the Shrewsbury Faire is, and I will be doing my part with what amounts to the Gift Shop.  I will have to get permission, but I will have to put the picture of this year's t-shirt up on my blog.  I just happen to be the one who drew it!  Long story short, there was a contest, and I won.  Not many entries, so it's not as deeply thrill packed for me as I would have hoped, but still...

However, that still means that Husband will be manning the house (which, I suppose, is probably appropriate, since he is man) and facing the ire of irked llamas, deer chasing dogs, foot loving felines, and general house maintenance.  But he's done it before with aplomb, so I am not fretting too much, nor is he.

As long as I get some cookies made before I leave...


  1. Guess you have all sorts of things going on - your poor husband, having to do your lowly chores! He must be a good man, that's all I can say! Have a good week!

  2. Another Renaissance Fair? Whoo-hoo, don't forget your "flax spike" for your spinning wheel and also remember to put some string, a crystal ball, and a glass eye in the folds of your garments.

  3. Congratulations on submitting the winning design!

    Enjoy the fair, and I hope your husband is better at house care than mine -- I always come home to a wreck with him curled up in a little ball whimpering while the children, cats, and kittens take over with glee.

  4. Nothing worse than an irked llama....well an irked wife I suppose would be. =)

  5. You made me laugh! I love your sense of humor.
    Cookies! Did someone say cookies! :)
    Would like to know about Shrewsbury Faire.

  6. sounds like a fun trip, can't wait to see the t-shirt design!


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