Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This just in... Woah...

I was very groggy this morning when I checked the old scale. 


Whaaat?  That can't be... I checked again.

-4.  As in I lost 4 pounds this week!  I about dropped my teeth!  Now I wish that all of it was just me, (I wasn't feeling too hot, and didn't eat much yesterday), but geeeez!  That, for me, is just nearly unheard of!  I need to go to more training sessions if I am going to do THAT!  I have been keeping up on my walking. (Rudee hasn't, Husband would take him up the hill, and right back down again.  Rudee then would walk along with this pained expression, after I ignore his attempts to quit after the first 10 minutes.  It's amazing when the DOG is the wimp!) 

I have been pretty good about not snacking... Except, I wanted Hot Cocoa.  It might sound silly, but during training, the food folks kept saying there was going to be cocoa.  There never was.  I was training out in the rain, crossing creeks, helping with moving people.  My raincoat sprang leaks around the arms (geniuses sewed it with cotton thread), and soon I was soaked to the skin, and I made a squishy-squeak sound when I was walking, as my shoes were full of creek water.

Dang, it was fun.   :)

Mental? Who's mental??  (Whistling innocently.)

But they never had the darn cocoa.  So I made some.  I gave myself 2 cups, for the 2 days I was there, (they kept telling me I could warm up with coffeeIcky.  I like hot tea (which they didn't have, either).  I like cocoa.  I don't like coffee, unless I am out fishing and have enough M&M's to kill the taste.  Did Grandma know her grandkid or what?) 

So, I am rather pleased.  I am 6 pounds toward my goal at 20 off, to take a Sheriff's Office Ride Along.

I wonder if it's appropriate to say I will be riding shotgun? 

Could  I ride along with the K9 deputy?  Hmm.  Considering the conditions in the car are tight at best, and thinking, if an actual event would happen, do I want to be in a car with sirens AND a howling dog? 

Mebbe not...


  1. Hot cocoa for me too! Forget that skunky smelling coffee! Hot tea is good too.

    4#!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee for you! That's so great! I am not going to b---- because that's too fast, nope - Good Job!

  2. Wahoo!!!

    Remember, the human body can burn some fat, and take a while for the loss to show up on the scale. You are doing great, and you deserved the cocoa.

  3. GOOD FOR YOU on the weight loss!

    I'd love to come along on that ride-along...ESPECIALLY a K-9 unit.........

  4. Congrats on the 4 pounds!!

  5. Congrats on your deficit!

    Um, yeah - I'd probably reconsider that ride along too. I like how you have little treats setup for when you reach your goals. I really need to learn that.

    Um, mask the taste of coffee - that's sacrilege! I should send you some great coffee or maybe it's how it's being brewed. A bad brew can put a bad taste in your mouth.


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