Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday? Really? Okay, uh... shorty blog.

So, I hid out, and got quite a lot finished yesterday.  I still have some paperwork to do today, but don't feel like I have this unending mountain o' poo in front of me to shovel out.  (Ignoring the fact, for the moment, that one of the things I didn't do yesterday was clean the chicken house...)

Oh, Weigh in, before I forget.  I gained .6 pound.  Not thrilled, but I did futz a little, eating somewhat more generously than I should have.  I am not sure if lack of sleep causes any problems, but I have been a bit on the raggedy side in that area. 

My bright shiny new doctor is sure going to get an earful of WHY? when I go in next. 

I am needing to concentrate more.  Husband bugs me on occasion because I read lots of different items at once, right now I am reading an Alaska Trooper murder mystery, a Cadfael (medieval) mystery,Walden's Pond, The Smithsonian magazine, and some online 'stuff' I am studying.  That doesn't count several items on my bed stand, and the item for my 'faux Kindle' (I downloaded the Kindle software on my laptop, which is built to work more or less LIKE a kindle.) 

Normally this isn't a problem.  In fact, my reading at the moment is lighter than usual, I usually have 5 books going, not 3.  I try to read books that are unrelated to each other so it doesn't get confusing, I wouldn't read 5 books by the same author, or all mysteries set in Georgia, for example.  But sometimes, I do get confused.

I couldn't figure out why in the last Alaska book I read, what the ice core samples had to do with the murder.  Until I realized I had read about the ice cores in the Smithsonian, not the murder mystery.  Oops.

That, and in the ads of the magazine, I was browsing through the ads, and read one for a sleep aid.  I always glance at the side effects, some seem like it would be worse than having the original problem, but anyway, reading along, I came upon, "repeated use of this product can produce pregnancy." 


Last time I checked, you sort of need help in that area, and I don't recall there being a pill for that.  I turned back the page, and reread.

"repeated use of this product can produce dependency".  That made just a bit more sense.

Something tells me I really need my glasses checked.  Or to read a bit slower.

Or both.


  1. Don't let the doctor fuss too much, everyone fluctuates a bit, overall you have been going down. It could just be fluid retention.

    Speed reading, I have found, is only good if I understand and remember what I have read.

  2. Yes, you need the proper amount of sleep when you are trying to lose weight.

    I "mis-read" things all the time and I think "that's nuts" then reread it more carefully and then I have the aha moment - maybe this will go away after I have my cataract surgery. Otherwise, just old age, which explanation would you chose, age or glasses or read slower? LOL!

    Try one book at a time, might help with the confusion. ;-)

  3. Gotta be careful of those sleep aid pills that produce pregnancy. Though, hmmmm, they could be onto something among the infertility people.

  4. messymimi:

    Yea, it could be. I just know that watching what I eat has been less important than it should be at the moment... Ahem.

    Speed reading, I have found, is only good, if it makes sense, and you don't have to read it over again!!! ;D


  5. Sharon:

    I need the proper amount of sleep, period. Otherwise, people keep mistaking me for an absent minded zombie. (Or is that redundant?)

    Hope the cataract surgery goes well. Just don't try to adjust your tv afterwards, my grandparents nearly killed one another, grandpa had c. surgery, then would correct the colors. Grandma would set them back. Grandpa would adjust them again. Fight ensue. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    And I would never get much read if I only read ONE book at a time... What fun is that?? :)


  6. Louise:

    Yes, but I think I will pass, if that is one of the side effects!


  7. John Gray:

    I do indeed believe so, Shrewsbury, in fact!



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