Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I do not exist on Thursday. Just so you know.

Well, I will give a weigh in on Friday.  It didn't work out today, and I have been waaaaaaaaaay busy, and so I figure, I am going to HIDE tomorrow.  I told my husband that if someone calls, I am not home.  I don't live here any more.  He has never heard of me, I don't exist. 

I don't even really care WHAT he says, as long as it doesn't involve me going somewhere...

I realized that I needed to hide for a day, when I tried to throw something away, it bounced out of the waste basket.  The basket was much too full.  Well, take it to another basket, right?  AhemALL the baskets are full.  Now, full disclosure, I have small waste baskets, so I get them full quickly, but ick.  And the table is overflowing with paper. Magazines and newspapers are staging a coup in my living room.  I won't even talk about the compost tin in the kitchen...


I also have several emails to respond to, a "Confidential Medical Form" to fill out, since I finally, but finally was able to convince the OBGYN that I did exist, and was, in fact, a patient.  I have to basically re-enroll, for lack of a better term.  I had not been able to get in last year, and just skipped it until this year.  I will NOT be doing that again...

If I am sick with Mutant Zombie Flu, and shooting green goo from every orifice, they will just have to deal with it, I am not going through the ding-dong run around that they put me through! Plus, I can't get one check, noooo.  They have to have 2 different exams, which means, you guessed it, I go in twice.  Fuuuunnn.  >: (

I also have at least one or two thank you notes, an order for cd's through the ren group I am involved with, and several birthday cards that snuck up on me.  That doesn't even include the fact I haven't put down all the things in the next two weeks that people want/need me at.  I am glad that I am "popular", so to speak, but there is a limit.

I just haven't got the cloning thing down yet...

I suspect I will be mainlining caffinated tea tomorrow.  But, on the bright side, I have only missed one day this last two months walking, and I decided I could skip, as I would be walking all that day.  Husband agreed.  I was glad I didn't that day, man were my tootsies not appreciating me.  I did manage to walk most all day, however.

So, if you email me, tomorrow...

I am not here!!! I am busy, virtual fingers in virtual ears, saying, "LALALALALALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"


  1. I promise I won't look for you tomorrow, and if anyone asks, I don't know a thing. Good luck.

  2. Some days you just have to go "Greta Garbo"!

  3. messymimi:

    LOL. It is Friday, and I thank you for your patience... :)


  4. Sharon:

    Mom and I both loved this comment! I don't do a good voice like she does, tho. Too bad...



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