Friday, October 15, 2010

Ok, that is ENOUGH...

This has been an unmitigated screwy couple of days.  I have been walking, um... bra-less of late.  I haven't figured out why, but the strap leaves me raw as hamburger.  Now bra-less isn't normally a problem.  The nearest neighbors are about an acre or so away, Rudee obviously doesn't care, and if any folks show up, they are in Husband's shop, and I discreetly go the back way into the house, and all is well. 


I was walking down the hill, heard a car, okay, no big, I knew Husband had a delivery from work.  I went out to feed the chickens, and realized I had no clue about the car in the drive.  Hmm.  Then the guy got out, and I thought, geez, that isn't the normal guy...

That looks like my Father in law

But he's in Missouri, or Florida.  Where ever they are spending the winter.  Must be a different guy delivering the stuff...


I feed the llamas, and look up to see the guy walking TO THE HOUSE. 

Okay, this is screwy.  I also realize that I don't hear machinery from the shop. 

Uh.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

I feed the chickens.  Water the chickens.  The guy doesn't come back out.  I manage to avoid having my favorite hen, Buttercup, make a landing on my back (again), and get out the cell. 

"Hi, Husband, are you in the house?"


"Who is there?"

"My Dad and his wife."


I remind him of my less than chaste dressing style, adding to that, the fact I had been exercising heavily (for me) and was sweaty.  And stinky.  He suggested going in the side, and he would distract them while I changed. 

I managed to get semi-presentable, although I think my hair probably looked like it had been done up by Hurricane Katrina.  At that point, I was there, and dressed 'properly', and managed to drown most of my stinky with enough deodorant that I should probably had stripes of it showing through my clothes.  But I managed to not offend, mostly. 

At least not stink wise. 

Turns out, they had just come from Eastern Oregon, and are working on getting some property there.  It looks like a nice bit of property, from the pictures.

But man, it was a complete surprise to have them show up!

So, I have to sit quietly and not knit, or bake, or do email, or the half dozen other things I needed/wanted to do that morning, and mind you, I hadn't had breakfast either.  By the time they left at noon, (I'd been up since 6), Husband saw me bee lining to the fridge, and piped up, why don't you save a few steps, we will just pull down some wallpaper for you. 

Ha, ha... nom, nom, nom, nom...

Anyway, I started to sit down and do some emails (things I really needed to do, for CERT), and Rudee starts barking.  And the phone rings. 

Get that taken care of, and I go back to the computer.  Then remember I didn't put any clothes in the wash, and I am out of pants. 

NOW back to the computer.  Then my Dad and Cousin R show up.  (I think he's actually my second cousin, but I have just called him cousin, ever since I was old enough to know what a cousin was...)  I have a nice conversation with the two of them, and showed Cousin R how to use my spinning wheel.  He is a man who does all sorts of work with his hands, and so he asked to try.  He spun lovely yarn RIGHT OFF.  I was amazed.  He was pleased.

So, they leave, and I try to get the emails finished.  OH, CRAP!  The laundry is still in the washer!  OK, I will get back to my emails.  Husband then points out it's bedtime.


So, the next day (today), I walked, carrying a bra in my pocket, (just in case).  I managed to get the emails finished this afternoon.  I have most of the other laundry finished.  So, brain flash, I need to make an appointment for "the girls".  I called my bright shiny new doc, as I was told that he had to send an order to the OBGYN. 


So I had called, and they told me, no, you just need to talk to your OBGYN and get an appointment. This was about 2 days ago. 

I forgot to write it down, and just remembered to call today. 

And the OBGYN appointment lady asked if I had an order. 

Nooo, I was calling to make an appointment. 

But you need an order.  We can't do anything without an order.  When was your last exam?

Guh?  Uh, I don't remember, it's been a long time, more than a year... (I, for various reasons couldn't make an appointment last year.)

I hear typing, and she pipes up, well, we don't have an order for you, so you need to call your primary physician. 

I get a bit growly at this point, but trying to remain polite, I tell her that I had called him, and they told me to call THEM.  She said, well, you need to find the order we sent you, or talk to him. 

I told her ok, and bye, hung up.

And proceeded to scream at the phone for a few minutes to blow off steam. (Rudee peeked out from the dog house, decided it wasn't a good time to be out, and slunk back in.  Poor guy, wasn't his fault...)

So, the plan for Monday, is to go FACE TO FACE with the bright shiny new doctor's appointment gal, and explain that I really need to get IN to have this, and could she please get me this order.

I had an easier time with this when I didn't HAVE a doctor... 

Then to top it off, my computer has been acting up with screeching noises coming from the speaker, and the DVD thing wouldn't record. 

I am now convinced I am really in trouble with Someone...

So let this be a lesson to you all, have good clothes available at all times, and save anything and everything that the doctor's office sends you.  (I have this image of going into the office with a scoop shovel bucket full of paper, saying "YOU find it...")

So, if you happen to see me curled up in the fetal position, sucking my thumb, now you know the back story.



  1. Only you could make me laugh so hard at two days of utter frustration.

  2. I am not exactly sure where any of my bras are at the moment... I am alone, I seldom go out and when I do, I just wear a couple shirts, and seriously, much more comfortable. If anybody were to come and look, well, shame on them for gawking there! I should try to locate one of those bras though... what if I have to go to a funeral or something?

    I have noticed that when one thing goes wrong, that I can expect a boat load of problems.

    Have a good night now!

  3. ha. this made me laugh. but im laughing with you and not at you.

    I HATE dealing with doctors and insurance and all that crap. my son broke his arm late last year and we spent half a day on the phone just trying to figure out what doctors are covered by the insurance and how to get at said doctors. we had to go to a regular doctor, an x ray tech, and then the doctor that actually fixed his arm. it was INSANE.

    also, to go along with your speakers buzzing story: every time my cell phone rings, my computer speakers buzz. what is up with that? they arent connected in any way??

  4. OH my! That sure will do it and it would have done me in too. Hope you get some peaceful time for yourself soon.

  5. Poor thing....sometimes life just "stinks"...hope things get better soon...!!...i've been there!!


  6. Like my doctor, who tells me to come in every six months for the tests for my meds, but only calls in 3 month's worth of refills, and won't refill it after that because, "You need the tests." Yes, I tell them, in 3 more months, but I'm out now! Circles. They want us dizzy so we don't know whom to yell at.

    I agree with keeping the decent clothes handy.

  7. Louise:

    Um. Good? Hopefully, I will be laughing, soon, too...


  8. Sharon:

    I tried the two shirts thing today (Sunday), and since the weather is much cooler, it's protective, and warm! But yes, probably good to find Le Sling du Boob, if just for drill.

    And as far as one becoming many, it's just the way things go sometimes, aka Murphy's Law...


  9. Tammie:

    I am always amazed when I jus tell people what's going on and it comes across amusing. I think that's great. Louise said it was funny, too. I really didn't intend for it to be, but hey, if I give someone a laugh, good!

    As for the insurance, I won't go into details, but I do think that those who design it should go into Hell's sub basement, right next to where the Devil stores skunk spray. Unless I can think of something worse...

    Buzzing... Actually, I *think* I know this one! Your cell phone, and your internet (especially if it is wireless) are on a similar frequency. Your cell phone is more or less working like a radio transmitter, and your computer like a receiver. So, when the phone rings, and you are near the computer... BZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    I am not totally sure this is right, but pretty sure...


  10. Tina:

    Oh, yes, I will be okay, it's just one of those days... Pbbt. :P Heh.


  11. BlueRidge Boomer:

    Yep. I just have to take one thing at a time. Sometimes that's easier said than done, but it IS do-able.


  12. messymimi:

    I don't know if it's dizzyness, or blackmail, they want da money. Dey need da money. Yew need to come in so deys can get da money!

    (Sorry, I have been watching too much Simpsons...)

    But yes, you'd think 6 months wouldn't be out of the question... Sheesh!



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