Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Supplement - Between the storms edition...

Been an exciting afternoon.  It was pretty nice this morning, just regular rain, Rudee and I did our walk, I drained removed my wet clothing, found some that was nice and warm dry, called to see if Mom wanted to go to the theater in a nearby town, they were performing "Wait Until Dark".  (Guess it was a movie with Audrey Hepburn, as well, but haven't seen it.)  Well, the weather guessers said it was supposed to storm, big time today.  So we skipped it, I did some knitting.  Watched some TV. 

Decided that I really needed to get up and stretch, so I decided to go out and pull some plants out of the garden.  They were pretty well dead, and slug bit, so I started working.  First load, fine, Rudee even took a couple tomatoes (he seems to be a bit gourmet in his taste, he will eat the Supersweet 100's, tolerate the yellow pear tomatoes, but literally drops the Beefsteak tomatoes.  Eh...)

So I was working along and-


Husband comes out, says we need to get things unplugged, go in the house.  I run Rudee back in his kennel, and start pulling cords right and left, as does Husband, when he comes in the house.


Nothing.  There was not rain, no noise, light show nothing. 

We waited.  I told husband maybe that was it.

Then the wind started to pick up again.  We watched as the leaves started spraying off the trees, Husband kept cheering, "Go, leaves, go!  Land in the neighbor's yard!"  Cracked me up...  Then we started to have rain.


I counted to 16, then we heard the rumble.  Rain started in earnest.  We sat and watched the rain.  I knit.  We checked on Rudee.  It obviously traumatized him deeply, the way he was snoring...  Finally, but finally, it looked like the sun, or at least less clouds came out.

And I just received an email from my CERT leader saying that he called off a drill we were going to have today, as he didn't want anyone out in lightning, if we could avoid it. 

Works for me! 

Now I think I will sneak out for a minute or two and get the last of the garden 'stuff' taken care of, before the next storm hits.  What am I dealing with?  Oh... METAL tomato cages.

Brilliant, huh?


  1. Better wait until the storm is over before grabbing those cages!

  2. Okay, so I jump up and down and cheer when a big wind blows the leaves out of the yard. Knock on wood, we have never had to rake yet!Living at the top of the hill can be quite helpful. LOL!

    I wouldn't be messing with metal though, girl. Is it over yet or still coming down?

  3. Ah, one of those flashes of insight, where you realize what you are doing wrong. Makes great blogging material, at least, while you are feeling sheepish.

  4. nice to catch up with your posts cat!


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