Monday, November 29, 2010

Best laid plans, and all that crap...

I had wanted to put a lovely picture here Sunday.  (You know, my Sunday Supplement?  Eh...) So, here's why I didn't...

Husband decided we should go BOATING.  That is to say, it had warmed up here, waaay up to the mid 40's, and he'd just made some repair he wanted to test.  He'd also made friends with another crazy enthusiastic boater, who, along with his wife, joined us for a day of tooling about the dam nearby. 

Did you know that when the weather is cold, you are moving fast, and you manage to get wet from YOUR HUSBAND WANTING TO LEAVE THE COVER OFF THE TOP TO SEE BETTER, IN THE RAIN, you get really, really cold? 

I took Husband's camera.  He'd not checked the batteries.  I'd not checked the batteries.  The batteries, as it turned out, were well past prime, and died after three shots, one being of the bottom of the boat.  (Let's just say, I take a lot of pictures, hoping desperately some look like a human being took them, not a mentally deficient slug...)  Anyway, the other guy took a neat picture of a waterfall, I thought he'd send it. 

Well, he did, the next day (today, this morning.) 

BUT, it's a...  Ok, I think it's a .bmp...  It might be a .gif?  Heck, it could be a .wth for all I know, but anyway, Husband says if I put it on the blog, it will be tiny, grainy, and only get worse if it's enlarged.  So, it probably won't be on here.

I need to see if either of the 2 pictures I took managed to come out okay.  (Pictures soon, if they are.)

Adding insult to injury, we finished, and went to a local eatery.  Other wife and I are bluish, and order coffee, and tea.  We neither one drink it, immediately, we HOLD it to try and gain feeling in our fingers.  (And I was wearing GLOVES, people!) 

Husband and other guy? 

They order root beer, and a root beer float, respectively.

Sometimes I can't decide if guys are built hell for stout, or are just crazy in a completely different way than I have any hope of figuring out.

Actually, thinking it over, I don't think I want to know the answer.

So, that's why there was no Sunday Supplement.  (Oh, and I do finally have feeling in my fingers again...)



  1. You are a better woman then I because I would not have gone!! I would have been stting in the bookstore waiting for their return!!

  2. Oh, brrrrrr! Yesh, I can't imagine being out in a boat in the cold rain. You're a better woman than I, my friend. I would probably have sent hubby along by himself.

  3. Ms. Diva:

    That sounds like a wonderful idea... May have to seriously consider that one next time...

    Gunga Din Cat

  4. Louise:

    I think if he has such a penchant again, he may go solo, but this was with another couple, and I was trying to be social. At least until I was blue, and wasn't inclined to talk, lest my teeth chatter and break... ;)


  5. After that kind of adventure, are you sure you spelled dam correctly? This from someone who tries not to use that kind of language.

    Glad you are warm again, and the next time he want to boat in the cold, tell him you will just stay home and take a cold shower instead, it's easier and you can warm up faster.

  6. messymimi:

    HAHAHAAHAAHAA! Yes, I believe that I might indeed have spelled that wrong...

    I just have to figure out how to not go when it's colder than a witch's brass monkey... But we shall hopefully not have to do that again soon...


  7. You must love your husband a lot! Yikes, that doesn't sound like fun, but now he owes you a really big favor.

  8. Terry:

    I do, but having fingers (and other portions of the anatomy) frozen must lead to a real hum DINGER of a favor, believe you me!



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