Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am tired of "hovering". And pains.

I did not gain, I didn't lose this week.  Grumble.  Ok.  I didn't put it on in a day, it won't come OFF in a day.  But darn it, I want my speakers!  I suppose I could just not eat for a day or two before weigh in, right?


Winter is coming to our area.  We have been hearing about the 'first winter storm' coming this evening.  I woke up this morning, I felt like I'd gone ten rounds with a grizzly bear.  If any day I felt like not walking, this one was it...  My hat was trying to come off my head while I exercised, but the breeze was nice, it was cool, and that made it a bit easier.  Rudee, on the other hand, seemed to realize I wasn't doing my best today, he kept running with me, then would run ahead, then come back, like, "Hey, go, already!"  I worked at it today.  Funny how silly things like the dog playing tag can encourage me. 


It's real quiet around the sub station today.  One of the deputies was nearly run down, and had to fire his weapon, killing the suspect.  It isn't one of the deputies I know very well, but it still worries me.  Beyond just the "gee, what happened, you okay?" stuff, it makes people jumpy, and it makes the deputies have to be more concerned about people BEING jumpy.  I am given to understand that there can be civil penalties and such, and that can get crazy, too. 

I wish I could just say, oh, it's just part of the job.  And it is, law enforcement is the only group in the US legally allowed to take a life under rule of law.  But believe me, even with all the black humor I have heard around the office, I know the deputies are loathe to draw a weapon, let alone fire.  I guess I am just concerned what will happen.  I guess, having worked around them for a while, I have come to think of them as "my" deputies, and am concerned for them. 


Well.  That was a bit more than I meant to dump on everyone... 

So, let's see, this is a bit 'earthy', but it was funny.  As anyone knows that has read this blog for more than one day, I like Tom Petty.  I was headed into town, and found him on one of the stations that I am right near the edge of the listening area.  There is actually two stations that occupy that frequency, and there is a point on my drive where one fades in, the other fades out, and then it reverses.  One is a rock station, the other is a very, VERY religious station. 

So anyway, I found Tom P. on this station and was listening...  When it started up fading in and out.  I am still wondering why my radio wasn't "smote" after this little back and forth.  I heard this:

Good love is hard to find
Good love is hard to find-
JEA-ZUHS WAS- lucky babe,
when I found you.
You put a hand on my cheek
and you turn your eyes away-

I don't really know what else happened, because the juxtapositions were so perfect, so spot on, that I was nearly in tears laughing.  (And I capitalized the one station, it came in louder, and the spelling was as close as I could come to the way the gent was speaking...)

So, yes, my deviltry came out, but anyway, it was a giggle for me.  Hope all of my bloggy friends are keeping well and warm.  I am almost done with the baby blanket.  With any luck, photo next blog.  If not, well... Not!


  1. Losing weight is just so hard. Hang in there, it will come off. Maybe the cold weather will burn more calories.

  2. At this point, I'm always happy to find out I haven't gained anything!!!

  3. It is good that you are concerned about your deputies. They are human, and frail, and know that when they draw a weapon they will be scrutinized, and it makes the situation harder. My prayers are with all in law enforcement, it is one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

    You made me giggle, too, with that radio story. I can just hear the preacher now. It reminds me of the time, at one church a friend attends, one of the teens got hold of a hymnal and wrote the words "Between the sheets" behind every song title. The person who found it laughed, the preacher said, "very funny, just be glad a guest didn't find it, please don't do it again," and that one was retired from service. It hasn't been done again, but it is still joked about.

    Oh, and may you lose 3 pounds this week for walking when you didn't feel like it.

  4. Terry:

    Perhaps I should turn the heat down. I could shiver my way to weight loss! HA!



  5. Ms. Diva:

    I suppose I should be happy I didn't gain, but when I want to get to point B, it's like a kid in a car. Am I there yet? Am I there yet? Am I there yet? Repeat...


  6. messymimi:

    That is one thing that I've noticed, people forget that law enforcement are people. Not avenging angels, not devils, not some omnicientable, just people. Guess that is why, being the mouse in the corner, I know some of the goods and bads they have to go through.

    I have some friends that I could have seen doing that very thing... Heh. I wonder where it was retired to, Someone with a crazy sense of humor could have taken it home. I can see why it's still joked about, however!

    Oh, your mouth to G*d's ear, please!!! I will even take 2! :)


  7. I think it's good you shared what happened with the deputy. My niece is a deputy and I know things like this can happen. Or even worse that they are the ones to get hurt. I hope it will all work out OK. The radio station story is funny! We got our first snow today and I love it.

  8. Canyon Girl:

    I have a hard time deciding whether to put things like that on, I don't want to depress people, but I also know that's some of the bad things that do happen.

    And I laughed all the way into town when that radio bit happened!

    We are *possibly* going to get snow. That would be okay. We are more likely going to get black ice. That is horrible...



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