Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nobody told me there would be days like this... (Thank you, John Lennon for the title.)

I won't dump too much on the ol' blog, but people talk about Mondays being a bad day.  For WHATEVER unknown reason, today was my Monday...

I awoke to my ankle trying to see how many nerves it could activate, pain wise.  Deciding that sleep was a waste of effort I just got up.  Stumbled on the bedcovers.  Managed to get into the bathroom, without breaking me, or any thing else.  Gained a blinkin' pound!  And I was a good kid this week!  As the LOLcats say "DO. NOT. WANT." 

I walked, and it was SO cold.  I think Husband said it was 17 degrees F, (I gather that is about -8, for you C people, either measure translates to BRRR!!!), and I was actually having a hard time getting my walking done, I guess I didn't realize that when it's that cold, it can hurt to breathe when you aren't used to it.  Plus the added attraction of ice on the path, oh, joy... 

So, I get myself together, and get ready to go into the substation, and I get down the road about 2 miles, have to turn around and go home to get my purse!  I ended up calling, to let my "boss" know I was going to be late, she was worried it was because of the ice.  I told her no, it was because today was... interesting.  She did even offer to let me skip, but I figured I was packed and ready to go, so I went. 

So, here I am at the substation, I haven't destroyed anything, I only labelled one envelope upside down, and I am starting to figure out how Pandora works, so I am getting music that is to my taste.   And the wather is warming up, so the day is sort of improving. 

I guess...


Yesterday I made a deputy blush, it was cool! 

I don't think they realized I'd arrived, and were discussing Thanksgiving.  One asked the other, "You have duty on Thanksgiving?"
"No, I'm off."
"You have any plans?"
"Not yet."
" Oh, your wife hasn't decided what you're doing over Thanksgiving?"

For some reason this cracked me up, and I burst out laughing.  Next thing I know, there is a very, VERY pink deputy peeking around the barrier, with a sheepish grin.  I waved him away, and went back to what I was doing.

Amazing how the topic suddenly turned to snow tires and an upcoming meeting...

; D

(Husband found a bunch of new-to-me guitar books while we were cleaning out the closet.  Is that a sign I better start again, or what?)


  1. Bad weather just makes everything worse. It's supposed to be 4 degrees F tonight. Yuck.

  2. I guess because I am of an older generation, it was "Mama said there'd be days like this". I have them myself.

    Gained a pound? What did you do? Look at the pictures? That's about all it takes for me! You would think it would use calories making all that drool!

    LOL, overhearing the guys talking! When woman say stuff like that, it's considered being "catty", what is it when guys do it?

    Finding those guitar books... girl... it's a sign!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Terry:

    OOOH. 4? Yuck. Coldest I have ever been in is 11. I am NOT a cold enjoying person.

    Stay warm! Cocoa and a blanket? Hot tea? Large amount of fuzzy animals?



  4. Sharon:
    I know that one, too! (I just happened to hear John Lennon playing when I started my blog.)

    I sure don't know, I might have snitched a cookie or two, is all I can figure out, but I had been doing extra on my workouts. Eh...

    I think it's probably catty in either case, but the guys just wouldn't admit it... ;D

    And yes, I will be starting up again, pretty soon, I will make more of a specific commitment... More on that later.


  5. You have my sympathy in not enjoying the cold. Go easy until you get used to it.

    The weight could be just that you are building muscle. Only if you gain over the long haul do you need to be concerned, and you aren't doing that.

    Men can be cattier than women at times. I've heard a few conversations myself that had the men red faced when they realized they'd been overheard.

    Hope Thanksgiving turns out to be a great day.


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