Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Supplement- Monday Edition

Why no Sunday Supplement?  Some great catastrophe?  Famine? Pestilence? Ravaging hordes? 

Would you believe I just forgot?  {sheepish grin}

So, to make up for it...

To prove I have actually been doing something, here is the baby blanket for Baby Grandchild #3 of one of the deputies.  (The Deputy is a total card, I can't wait for his reaction...)

And, this is the  famous cougar.  It is now a very, very, VERY large ornament in our living room.  I have named it Broken Tooth Killer, or BTK for short.  I must say, it is huge, (6 foot, 1.8 meters) and it was, when living, very heavy (188 pounds, 85 kilos and change...), so it is not a shy little thing in our living room!  It's going to take a bit of getting used to, but I guess I will manage.  The way it is put up, I won't be running into it, or hitting my head on it, so that's a plus.  Husband's seat is directly looking at it, I have the 'rear end' view, to paraphrase my husband.

So now, I am organizing a community get together, for all that wanted to see the thing, and I am going to start knitting and crocheting my Christmas presents in earnest.  (Amazingly, I am much more worried about the presents, can ya believe it???)

And all this when I am not running around doing other stuff. 

Dang, that cat is big...


  1. WOW IT was a beautiful animal. What a large knick knack. The BTK name is really fitting. Take care to have fun with all your work. :O)

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. I must agree, Dang, that cat is big! Um, who is going to vacuum it when it gets dusty and cob-webby? It was a beautiful creature!

  3. Yes, that is a big kitty. I'm glad I don't have to clean a corresponding litter box.

    Enjoy your knitting!

    Oh, and the word verification was "pantheri"!

  4. Don't tell the inlaws about the cougar and then at night wake them with scratching noises at their door and lure them into the sitting room and then.......

  5. Saw your blog title on someone's blog list, LOVED it and had to stop by.

    Holy that is a huge cat! I'm pretty sure I would have nightmares if it were in my living room, ummm... especially if I had the "rear view". What a magnificent creature.

  6. lol I have seen EVERYTHING now.....we have a small painting above our fireplace

    my dogs would go NUTS if we had a mountain lion!!!!

  7. Mal:

    Yes, if I had my druthers, both my llama and the cougar would be alive and doing what they do (there are lots of DEER that cougar could eat, thankyouverymuch...)

    Husband still hasn't caught the meaning of the name, I don't think. Or more likely he's ignoring it. Eh.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  8. Sharon:

    Yep, a biggn. And the cleaning o' the cougar would fall to yours truly, unless I can't reach something. (Hooray...) ;)


  9. messymimi:

    OMG, Litter training that? Yipes!!!

    Finished some, started others, life is in stitches... Heh.

    And that verification was just cool!

  10. Chai Chai:

    >:D Heh, heh, heh... Heck, sometimes in the morning it still startles ME!


  11. John:

    Sort of suprised me, Rudee doesn't care. We had him look, no reaction. Our CATS, on the other hand, want to be any where else in the UNIVERSE but where that cougar is...



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