Thursday, November 25, 2010


What am I thankful for on this day of food and family?

1. Well, food and family, obviously.

2. The fact my computer is working and I can blog to my bloggy friends. (And emails to a few, later...)

3. That Mom will be cooking (yummers!)... Which leads to...

4. Weigh in was yesterday!

5. My friends at the Sheriff's Office. (Where we take turns seeing who will turn the other pink!)

6. My friends not at the Sheriff's Office. (Which pretty much applies to everyone else, I guess...)

7. I feel pretty good today, to the point I was able to exercise a bit more. (YAAAAY!)

8. Cats. (The small ones, that eat mice... That's plenty big enough, thank you...)

9. Dogs (mostly...  When I can convince them I am not a backstop.)  ;)

10. Llamas. (And being able to duck quickly... 'Nuff said.)

11. Chickens. (When they don't think I am a landing strip.)

12. Books.

13. Knitting.

14. Fireplaces when it's cold. Fans when it's warm.

15. Cocoa.

Hmm.  That last one sounds good.  Excuse me while I go partake...

Please, enjoy your day, and Happy Thursday, even if it isn't Thanksgiving where you are!


  1. Good things to be thankful for!

    Would have been my Mom's Birthday today.... ah, if only she was in the kitchen now, ruining the food!

  2. A blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving to you. I'm glad you are here.

  3. You're a very lucky person, and have a lot to be thankful for. And you express your thanks beautifully. Here's to a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Cat.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!


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