Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas-y, sort of, up in the air, lots, and general chaos.

First off, so I don't forget, little gain this week.  Considering that I could have cheerfully gone to the feed store and bought a salt lick, I managed to control myself pretty well.  And I am still under 231, so I figure the speakers are still legal.  And they are soooooooooo nice.  I finally can listen to things, and not have it sound like a garbage truck is backing over the speaker.  Or worse...  Since I watch programs on line (I have nearly given up on TV reception in this area), it's nice to have real dialogue, and not a rough estimate. 

On that same note, I received the Dr. Oz bracelet.  I am pleased to have a visual reminder, and I am going to (somehow) attach a bead for each ten I lose.  2 beads will soon be on there!  Yay!!

So, Christmas-y.  Finally have the tree down, and decorated, more or less.  Have the cards to people out of state sent, except my aunt (I need to get a Christmas letter done up for her), and I even have a few gift ideas for both (GASP) males I have on the Christmas/Birthday lists.  (Husband and Dad's B-days are December 22, and 25 respectively.) 

Might I make a casual observation that the males in my house are a pain the the butt to shop for?  If they want something they go out and buy it.  This has caused more that a smidge of consternation when I have bought said item (this happened one year, hence the mantra of our family when Christmas shopping, "SAVE THE RECEIPT".)  I have sort of convinced Husband to put a moratorium on shopping during the month of December, but he still slips.  But this time I told him to give me several ideas, then DON'T buy anything until December 26.  He thought that sounded okay.  So.  Now I will be able to go out and get something to put under the tree.  Maybe not a big surprise, but it seems to work...

FIL kept sort of brushing us off, oh, fine, doing great.  Well, he's not.  Dizzy spells because of the meds, and they won't rest, because they are trying to buy the house, so they are travelling from one side of the state to the other, nearly, for the signing.  I think they have signed at this point, and have the house.  I think.  Then a drive back here, to see his doctor, and then they might do one of several things, either they will leave immediately to head back to Florida, they might stay here for a bit in the trailer to recover, they could have us take the stuff to Eastern Oregon, help them unpack, and they stay there for the season.  (Might I mention, it's SNOWING on the pass?  And most of the way they want to head back home is FROZEN?  I keep suggesting they just stay at our place, in their trailer, but selective hearing kicks in... Meh.)  So, making plans for Christmas (will they be here?  Will we be helping them?  What if the doc says that he needs to be hospitalized?) has been sort of slap dash and minute by minute.  I haven't even decorated that much, not knowing if I will have more than the usual amount of people, as I am lazy by nature, and don't want to have to move 'stuff' out of the way to make room.  So...  I wait, and see. 

In fact, dinner tonight is even a question mark.  We'd all agreed to have dinner at a local restaurant.  Well, I don't know if they will be able to, or if they will be finished with the doctors appointment when we'd agreed to meet.  At least the restaurant in question is across the street from where I volunteer...

General chaos.  So, didja hear about the tornado that happened?  It was an F2 in Aumsville, which is in a county near me.  We didn't realize it at the time, but the 'dregs' of it hit our place, a big wind whipped up, and then there was an absolute deluge that was almost impossible to see through, all I caught was the llamas running into the chicken house.  (This says something, as the llamas don't LIKE being in the chicken house.)  I didn't get called out, but I guess that our CERT group was on standby.  Oddly enough, we had a CERT meeting last night, just after the storm, and our boss (who is stepping down), was late, because he was tied up helping set up a command center, and trying to fend off generous firefighters trying to feed him...

"Here, you need food."
"No, I will be going to a potluck, I don't need food now."
"Yes, we are feeding all the help."
"TAKE THIS."  Whereupon he had a plate of food handed to him.  He then walked off with the food, handing it to one of the folks coming in, and came to the meeting.  So, he did take the food... Technically. 

I found out I am not the only one that has "funny hearing".  I kept thinking they were saying "a small tomato" on one of the channels.  It was just the way the reporter was pronouncing it, I guess, I didn't hear "tomato" on any other channel, but the correct word "tornado". 

But I guess that isn't just my strangeness, I was talking to one of the deputies, and he asked if I knew a nearby funeral home, Dew Moss...  I said it rang a bell, but I didn't know for sure where it was.  He said, "Oh, that's okay, I just wanted to make sure I had heard it correctly, I thought they said Dumb Ass funeral home, and I really didn't think that sounded like one I would want to use." 

Er.  Yeah... 

Your loved one will be shuttled to their final rest by Dumb Ass. 

Then again, it could really break the tension.

Or create it...

So, next blog, if I get it out of the camera, I will have pic of  Husband's "Christmas spirit" decoration.  (Christmas is not his big thing...)


  1. Hey there! You sure do sound like you have everything set up and every duck is in his row! Well, neither do I!

    Hmm 10 days (or less) till Christmas, am I ready? No. Am I going to do anything about it? No. What is that saying...? It's difficult to soar with eagles when.....

    I have given up on buying anything for DH, if he wants something, he just goes and buys it, if we can't afford it, he buys it anyway. We may get some new furniture and "call" it Christmas. I had a whole box of brand new men type items from Christmas's past, finally gave the stuff to Goodwill.

    Your weather sounds exciting, the pass is closed - it's early isn't it, for passes to be closed?

    Tornado - we do get them here in the winter too, but has to be a tad warmer.

    Have a fun evening not moving furniture and I will do the same! :-)

  2. Cat, i think every man in creation does that -- goes out a week before a gift giving even and buy what they want, even though they know you are going crazy trying to find them something.

    I don't blame you for not going heavy on the decor, and hope your in-laws decide soon.

    Isn't it amazing how people will try to force feed others?

    Glad you missed the tornado and have the speakers, you deserve them.

  3. Sharon:

    At this point, if I have a clue where the ducks ARE, let alone in a row, I am golden. And as far as Husband, he doesn't really worry that much about presents, I just have to make sure dinner is nice. That's more what he'd consider a present. It works...

    And I don't think the pass is closed yet, but we had a wad of snow, then a big melt, now we are building up snow again. That's where the problems come from. Wet turning to ice, with snow on top...

    No, I will move a teacup, that's about as ambitious as I feel...


  4. messymimi:

    Yes, I don't know that it's intentional, it's just that they can, so they do. And sooner or later, all will be figured out, one way or another, (we didn't go to dinner, so that's one down...)

    I think the fire folk were just trying to make sure that no one was trying to be a martyr, but at least we know food wasn't a problem. And yes, I wish it hadn't happened at all, but at least it missed here. (My animals probably would feel the same way, I suspect...)

    And thank you! :)


  5. Tornados scare the heck outta me!!! Forget the llamas, I'M running into the chicken house!!!

    I ordered two Dr. Oz bracelets!! Thanks for the link!!!!

  6. Cat, Next time he buys something just put the receipt taped to a handmade thank you card. Then hang it on the tree since he saved you time and worry. LOL Simple but works for us.

    Merry Christmas,

  7. Ms. Diva:

    I have never been in one, that all that is holy, but yes, they don't sound like a fun time.

    And yes, great! More Oz-ies? Oz-lets? Oh, hairballs, bling!!


  8. Nekkid Chicken:

    I like that, but he usually doesn't keep the receipt that long, I guess I could sub a picture, instead. Cute idea, however...



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