Friday, December 17, 2010

Feline Friday- Santa Claws edition.

So, Husband had watched me put the Christmas decorations out, and I put a hat on the lion statue we have on the fireplace hearth.  He looked at it for a minute, then found another hat I had in the decorations, and added his personal touch.  Seriously, he suggested putting ornaments on the ears, too, but not being sure what it might do to the ears, I asked him to take a pass.

And Husband now has the nerve to say it's "hard to take the cat seriously because of the hat."
Gee, I wonder why...

Husband said I should use this as my avatar.  I just might do that, I don't know.  There have also been suggestions to decorate BTK for other holidays, i.e. a top hat for New Year's, and someone else suggested if I do that, to make a calendar.  (I want, I want, I want to be a Calendar Caaat... Yeeesh...) 

I think the only way I would do that is to make it go to an animal rescue charity, or something such the like.  Just my feelings about the cat, and what had to happen, put a damper on total chuckles about the situation...

So, now that I have amazed you with the Great Decorating Husband Trick, I will add a video from a cat I dearly love, and his antics with a Christmas Tree...

I think I did something funny, sorry it's so large.  Anyway, enjoy, and...

Meowy Christmas!

(This is me, ducking and running awaaaaaaay!!!)


  1. Meowy Christmas to you!

    That was cute! One of the MANY reasons I do not have a tree.

    I would say the Santa hat looks pretty good on the cougar!

  2. Sharon: Thank you!

    And yes, I am suprised, but it actually fits him pretty well...

    And thank you for not PUNishing me too badly!



  3. Meowy Christmas -- you are a hoot.

    If you do use the cat as your avatar, change it every season with the new hat to match.

    Blessings of the season to you and yours!

  4. messymimi:

    Ooh, a mobile avatar, hadn't thought of that. (However, I draw the line at the one suggestion for Easter of putting BUNNY ears on it. Yeeesh!


  5. Fantastic video - Had me laughing and looking at my cats - they are always climbing up and in our Christmas tree!

  6. Chai Chai:

    I love the Simon's Cat's videos, it nearly came true at our house the year we adopted Buzz, she wanted to see the thing on top of her kennel (we had her temporarily in the house as it was well below freezing), and almost knocked it down every time. (Husband can catch kittens quickly...)



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