Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Them speakers is MINE!!!!

So, I weighed in today.  I lost 2 pounds.  I am not sure if it's the reason, but I time myself when I walk.  When I started, I was taking about 10 1/2 minutes or so to make a circuit.  Now I am down to just a smidgen over 8.  I use the time to make an extra circuit.  So I am usually walking 5 circuits, not 4.  (Except on days where I have to leave early, I just go 4.)  This seems to be fine, in fact, I have been trying for 6 rounds, if I don't get too wiped out.  I need to be a bit careful right now, there is a lot of goodies around, and my SMIL is always wanting me to try this, that, and something else, that is usually salty.  I tend to suck down salt almost more than sweet sometimes, and this makes me... Not slim down. 

But I am now at 229.8, and I am officially down a little more than 20 pounds! YAAAAAY!!! (Excited? Me? Naaah...)

In-laws still about, working on closing the house deal, and we are trying to see if they will make the attempt to slow down and rest.  Thus far, very, very deaf ears.  Perhaps the doctor can knock some sense convince them that the world will not tip over and burn if they don't run right home to do... whatever it is they do when they are there.  Not even sure if they have an agenda right at the moment, I think they are just so intent on "we do this, then this, then this" that they aren't able to take a step back and breathe, and see what the bigger picture might hold. 

I wouldn't know a thing about that...

As a matter of fact, I have just agreed with Mom that a group we go to on Monday, I am going to give a pass to, as I will be doing things every day this coming week.  I just decided that perhaps a day where I don't have to be in a rush to get somewhere, might be a good thing.  And I keep getting reports from my CERT group that there is lots of rain coming in, to be alert to the fact we might get called out.

Oh.  Uh.  Quack? 

Not sure what my job skills would be in that area.  At least now I have a rain coat, AND a poncho, that when I am out for more than 5 minutes, I am not as wet UNDER the coat as on it.  (The stupid coat I have has COTTON thread that wicks the water right to my shoulders on my old coat.  I am going to try and spray some stuff to fix on it later, but now I have something that works, so it's not such a hurry.  Especially with the weather.)

Rudee was extremely pleased with himself yesterday... He found a deer that he obviously suspected of nefarious doings and chased it the length of our place (I think Husband said that it's a quarter mile?  Pretty long, incredibly narrow), and he ran it back to the gate.  I was absolutely amazed to see this (small) deer aim it's nose, hit the opening in the gate and plow through, so as to get to the other side.  Usually they just jump, but I guess Bambi-ino thought it was quicker.  Rudee hasn't figured out how to get through the gate that way, or is too big too, at least I've not seen him try.  He waited, and I opened the gate, ZOOOOOM, he was off again. 

Ever seen a dog with a tongue as long as he is?  My dog proved it was possible.  Heavy panting also was heard.  (Rudee, not me...)  But, he scared off that ne'r do well deer, so he was happy.

The annoying part, this was AFTER my exercise walk.  He is SUCH a show off. 

But, at least he hasn't found the skunk.



  1. Congratulation on the 20lbs, you are making progress on the list! I am curious what the "Yarn Crawl" is.

  2. I am tickled at your weight loss! That is soooo great, you have moved the pole down a notch and I for one, am very proud of you!

    SMIL and salt... FIL has CHF??? What the hey is he eating SALT????? I can't eat salt because of possible CHF. Somebody stop that!!!!

    Has got to be a circus at your place. I hope Rudee never finds the skunk!

  3. Hey! 2 pounds? That's great!!! That's amazing at this time of year! Congratulations!

  4. Congrats Cat on your weightloss, I am so happy and proud of you, and you have inspired me to continue and struggle with mine. Wow I am so excited for you....even if you are not yet, but i know what you mean. I have lost 70 pounds over the last 2 1/2 years, still about 70 pounds away from where I want to be, but I mean 70 pounds is a lot, but when i look at myself, I don't really see a difference, I feel a little bit better and know I am thinner than I was, but the "where I want to be" is still so far off, that it is hard to find joy and pride in that huge accomplishment. So I keep plugging away one pound at a time....Keep up the good are going great.

  5. Congratulations on the weight and being fitter so you can walk more and faster!

    Tell Rudee to keep up the great work with the deer, but that skunks never hurry for a reason.

  6. Chai Chai:

    Thank you! And definition of yarn crawl. Find store #1, enjoy yarn at store, perhaps purchase. Find store #2, find MORE yarn to enjoy, and perhaps just get one. Repeat until car is full/I am broke. (Amazingly, the first CAN happen before the second.)

    Also, it is YARN. We don't shop for food, or socks, or any "necessary" stuff, this is just fun. (See: pub crawl.)

  7. Sharon:

    Thanks! And yes, FIL eats salt, he will salt things before he tastes them. He made it clear before all this started, that he ate this way all his life, and he wasn't going to change now. Doctor might have something to say about that... I don't really think it's too good for SMIL either, but, they are adults, and I am not going to stop 'em.

    And yea, it's a bit of a circus, but I think I am doing okay, thus far. (Just no following elephants, I hope.)


  8. Terry:

    Yes, this time of year, I think it should count double, but my scale doesn't agree... ;D


  9. Tina:

    A thousand congrats on your losses, and yes, there are times I keep looking at the mirror and think, I lost this... WHERE?? That's when it gets a bit harder to be motivated. But knowing that I can keep up with Rudee more, and not get wiped out after a simple job, that is when I I see the benifit. We can do it, it just takes a while. GO, US! :)


  10. messymimi:

    Thank you! And yes, so far we have 'evidence' (pew!!) of a skunk about, but no striped wonders have shown up. I worry about the reaction, as Rudee always gets himself in trouble, then runs to me to protect him... I don't know if I want to try and defend against a spraying skunk. There isn't enough tomato juice in the world will make me want to take a blast for the dog!!!



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