Monday, January 03, 2011

A day. A cold day. But a day.

Well, things happen. 

I had hoped to be describing to you a few new fur bearing friends that I had obtained, there was a woman nearby that had over 20 head of llama, and she wanted to get rid of them (divorce).  I said I did rescues, and that I would take some, as long as they weren't male.  

Obviously, she wanted only money for them, I haven't heard a peep, and the ones that had babies are gone.  I will probably still take some, would she offer them to me, (unless they are male), but I think my twosome, will still be a twosome.  Oh, well. sigh...

In other news, I went to see Tangled.  I think that I am at that stage of life where I have seen so many of the Disney "Princess" flicks that I can't help but analyze what is happening.  Oh, this is a plot line related to The Little Mermaid.  Oh, that's a nod to Cinderella.  Oh, that looks like something from Beauty and the Beast...
BUT...  I still found it fun, and I must say, the comic asides were Stooge-esqe in the use of items to bonk one another with.  It did surprise me, though, it was rated PG. (SPOILER!!! Don't read the next paragraph if you don't want a major plot point revealed...)

I believe the possible reason that it was rated so, besides a LOT of whacking of heads and thumping of melons with frying pans, branches, one or two swords, heads, and even a couple elbows, might have been when the wicked witch stabs the young man in the belly with a knife.  They don't show him bleeding profusely, but he IS shown with blood on his tunic, and then he dies in Rapunzel's arms.  The witch is also shown being tripped and falling out a window, but with quite a unique ending, which  I will leave for you to find out...

Hi, back to the rest of the blogging.  Oh, but before I do, my Mom says that Disney always kills off the Moms.  Ahem.  No Moms were killed in the making of this fairy tale.  One kidnapping wanna be step mom bites it, but no birth mom types.  So.  Eh.

Well, I have been knitting on a glove and a sock. This is why I never suffer from Second Sock Syndrome.  (Non-knitters, this is when you make one sock, and lose interest in making the next one.)  I rarely suffer from SSS as I have several projects going at once, and half the time, don't work on ONE of anything!  I might even, on rare occasion, have 2 (differing) socks on the needles at the same time.  Though not often...  So, I should just keep with those two projects, right?

Of course not. 

If you will remember, I had a drawing for my 400th blog entry, and had two winners.  I had sent the prize out, fluff, to Chai Chai.  I believe there was yarn, as well.  But poor messymimi, I have emailed her, and she has been patient.  I went a bit nuts knitting Christmas gifts, so I was swamped, and since Santa still hasn't seen fit to give me the extra pairs of arms to use to knit with, or magic knitting needles that can knit without my help, (when I want them to...), I didn't get her prize finished.  But, never fear, Cat's gift knitting is now clear.  (And she's slightly mental and twitchy, of late, but that's another story...) So, I wrote with my apologies on tardiness, and offered some ideas on projects I could make for her. 

I will be making a Christmas Stocking for her.  (I also have some OTHER unique crap neat ideas, but will wait a little further along before the big reveal.)  So, I hunt down some graph paper for an idea I have, and commence further World Sock Domination! (Maniacal laughter is appropriate here...)

And below is my day 3 question from reverb 10.  (Ya know, I think I am beginning to like this walking stuff...)

Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).  Author: Ali Edwards

Alive.  Walking up the hill, listening to my player.  Hearing the neighbors bored dogs bark crazily at Rudee and I as we near the top.  Looking at the upper pasture, where the grass is glazed and almost crackles underfoot.  I watch Rudee pace back and forth, sniffing for whatever unknown denizen of the dirt, as I puff bits of steam out through my nose.  That won't last long...

I walk, and get into the rhythm of the song.  Achy-ness ebbs away, and I increase my pace.  Rudee, tongue lolling, bounds ahead, then comes to a sudden stop, and looks back to see if I am still there.  I come to the winter creek winding down our pasture from the neighbors, and splash through, spattering my boots, and leaving a mottled brown pattern on my boots and pants.  I start listening to "California Dreamin'" and sing along about "such a winter's day".  Rudee perks up, then runs over and trots, wondering what the crazy chick's doing now...  I splash through the the higher edge of the creek at the top of my walk, and clean my boots off, if not the pants.  The clouds open up, and I reach the top of the hill, to go back down.  I stop a minute to enjoy the view, (and blow my nose), and Rudee sits directly in front of me, demanding a petting toll before I move on.  I scratch just above his nose, where his fur just like a brush, then rub an ear, that is like kitten fuzz.  I then tell him go, and he bolts ahead, and I start down the hill.  He looks back again.  I see the llamas coming up the hill, ice covering well insulated backs.  I give them room to pass, and head around for another lap.

It's a good day.


  1. Disney must have a thing for orphans or something, to tug at the heartstrings or whatever. It's been a while since I have seen a new Disney movie.

    I'm puzzled at knitting two socks on the same needles, maybe I am not ready it right? I would have to use long needles and be a contortionist to accomplish that. (I used 6" needles and knit in the round - only way I knew how)

    Your reverb - really nice, had me there beside you! Yesterday's blog about cleaning your craft stuff, got me going on today's blog. When I had finished it, I simply saved it and this morning, I copied and pasted - didn't realize how long it was until it was posted! You are an inspiration to us all!

    Have a great afternoon :-)

  2. I didn't phrase it well. 2 differing socks, 2 differing sets of needles. HOWEVER, have since been looking through one of my knitting mags, and have found an article and "recipe" to knit 2 socks on ONE pair of needles, which I am not going to try, unless I am on a desert island, and have nothing else around but coconuts...

    And perhaps not even then.


  3. I don't know if it's Disney, but I love Enchanted.

    I've seen signs for free llamas in our feed store, which I don't understand, because our neighbors have alpacas and 1 guard llama, and they are very expensive.

  4. Wow! Two socks on the same needles! Sounds like a winner to me. I'm very sure that is the only way I would ever end up with a second sock. We used to take our goats for walks with the dogs. Llamas must be something like big dogs? Hope you end up with some of the lady llamas. Happy New Year!

  5. Sorry to hear you won't be getting any rescues. She probably needs the money, though, for the divorce proceedings.

    A Christmas stocking sounds like it is going to be so much fun. I am willing to wait, as it probably won't be displayed much until next Christmas, anyway.

    Your description of a walk is delightful. If it wasn't for the ice, i would have wanted to be there.



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