Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feelin' groovy...

Ok, first, scale day.  228.8  Exactly what I was last week.  I would complain, but I didn't go up, and I have been noshing more than I should.  So. 

It ain't got a thing, if it ain't got that swing. La la la... 

Working harder for next week is a must.

This last Halloween, Mom and I wanted to get out for a bit, and we went to a costume store.  They had many, um, revealing costumes, some very strange costumes, some (IMHO) disgusting ones, but there were some neat things as well.  Lots of costume jewelry, hats a go-go, I think I tried on over a dozen, and came up with at least 3 ideas for knitted items...  I also found some 'devil horns' that were shaped like ram horns that tempted me, I thought it would be hilarious to wear them out some time and just see if anyone noticed.  (I have a set of goat kid looking horns that almost match my hair.  I have worn them out on some occasions with a red shirt, and when someone notices, the reaction is priceless.  Sadly, it isn't as often as I would hope...  Either that, or maybe it works to well with some people's assumptions? )  I could always say I am a Dodge Fan when I wore them...  Heh.

Anyway, one of the items that I just thought was so cool, was a hippie bag.  I showed it to Mom, and we looked it over.  I was really tempted to buy it, but Mom, having done sewing since she was small, looked at it, very unimpressed.  I, who am not particularly good at sewing, looked at what she noticed, and wasn't impressed, either.  The stitching was poor, several places the stitching didn't hold the fabric together, and the fabric itself was iffy...  So, I didn't buy it, but commented that I really did like it.

So, Mom said that she was bored the other day.  She decided to see what she could do from memory.  I think it is pretty close!  I think it's adorable, too.  Mom made a button attachment for it, and I am going to use it as a small knitting bag.  I think the brown is suede, the peace sign is a cotton flower material, and the button, I believe, is wood.   


Prompt: Healing. What healed you this year? Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution? How would you like to be healed in 2011?

Healed?  Didn't know I was sick.  Ok, I have been working on "healing" by losing weight.  Eating (somewhat) better, although some of my choices are highly debatable.  (But please don't, or knowing me, I will eat more of it in protest...)

One of my teacher talked about the body being a triangle, physical, mental, and spiritual.  So, the above was the physical part. 

My mental healing, learning that I have to give myself value, by saying no, and realizing that I can skip what I don't enjoy.  And trying to let more people know I appreciate them, not just assuming it.  Still working on that, however. 

Spiritual?  I guess the Meditation Area.  Giving myself time to be, without cell phone, email, MP3, just Rudee and a chair.  Sometimes this leads to prayer, sometimes to a mental equivalent of dial tone, sometimes to ideas for things, sometimes just a bit of time to scratch Rudee's ears. (He most especially appreciates those times!)  It makes me a bit more ready for the day, a bit less stressed ABOUT the day, and maybe, just maybe, a little more content. 

How would I like to be healed in 2011... Uh.  Less knee and ankle pain?  Less brain farts?  Be able to go on my "Country Fried 5K" this spring, or early summer?  How about, being healed of worrying about what needs healed...   : P


  1. Oh good grief. I haven't seen one of those bags in ages. Don't tell me that hippies are so long gone now that the stuff is coming back as nostalgia pieces.

  2. Great post, first I would like to say...great job the little bag!
    As for eating and loosing weight and healing....well I hear thought though's not what you are eating, it' s what's eating you. I am also reading and listening to a "course in weightless" 21 spiritual lessons to weight loss...quite interesting and I can relate to so much in there, but somehow haven't figured out yet how to apply it to me. Grrrrr! Keep up your good efforts, every time i see your blog I think I should get my butt back in gear.......woo hoo off to Zumba class tonight!

  3. Very cute bag! Your Mom is a treasure! Oh, hey, I like the idea of the ram's horn hat/cap/earmuffs!

    Well you didn't gain some or lose some, so I would say it's a win-win for the week.

    Everybody has something that needs healing, maybe I should give you one or two of my problems? I got plenty and I am willing to share!

  4. Cute bag... I remember when we all had those and they were all homemade!

  5. You are doing well on the weight, don't let the scale convince you otherwise. Better food choices (no one is perfect there, so no stones) and exercise are going to get you there.

    Your mother is a treasure, and the bag looks great for knitting stuff.

    Healing, well, we spend our whole lives doing that, don't we? Glad you learned to say no, that was a big one.


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