Sunday, January 02, 2011

January Twoth.

Silly title, but I seem to remember saying the second of something was the "Twoth", so I thought it fit.  Well, I am knitting a pair of gloves to replace my lost ones.  I hope I still find the lost ones, and knowing me, they are still around here, stuffed in a pocket somewhere. 

It has been at and below freezing, which has made walking interesting.  If not for my sticks, I would have either done the splits, or a few face plants...  And I am wearing a coat to exercise.  That isn't normal.  Especially when I don't warm up much while exercising! 

I am also "digging out".  I have a lovely desk with my writing area in the craft room.  Husband has more than once jokingly referred to it as the craP room.  Right now, I agree without reservation.  I took out papers from the room.  More accurately, I dumped reams of paper into the trash. (Whether I can even recycle the stuff is debatable, I might just run it through the shredder and put it on my garden...)  I found papers from at least a year ago, some even older than that.  I don't THINK that I am a hoarder, I just set it and forget it, let it ferment, I guess.  I want to use the craft room, but when I have to turn sideways to get in and out of places, it's bad. 

And the desk.  Oh.  My.  The desk.  I had stopped putting things across, and had started going UP.  So this was the "Is it important? No? BYE!" time.  I do have a tiny pile of "I am not sure it's important, so I guess I better keep it", but it is about 5 or 6 papers, not a ream!  Sadly, it hardly seems a dent in the great mass of crap creative items in the room.  I have found homes for several things, and am working on finding out if items need to be tossed, found a home in the room, or put up for donation.  The last one is the hardest for me, I am a pack rat, and I think, gee, I might need this.  I have to keep remembering, when was the last time you used this?  Most times, it was "never", or "more than a year ago".  This has been my blinking light clue that it can possibly go to a new home.  If I can replace it at the store, sometimes it goes, too.  I really want to put up some posters, and a shadow box in the room, but there is just so much STUFF that it lines the walls.  And the floor.  And any open space that is flat.

This doesn't make it easy.  But, I make choices, and I am seeing floor.  Some.

Still wish Husband would let me rent a Cat and just push the whole mess outside and burn it.  He keeps worrying about the walls... Eh. 

Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? (Author: Leo Babauta)

What do I do that doesn't contribute...   I can either say everything that isn't writing, or look at it as material to write with. 


I suppose that if I look critically, I put things off.  Or, I do things just as I do them, I don't plan a time for things.  I know that when reading up on learning new skills, it is suggested that you take a set time per day and practice said skill.  That could apply to my writing.  It's not a NEW skill, per se, but one I need to work on, none the less. 

I suppose that it isn't so much eliminating things that don't contribute, but adding the time.  Making a habit of writing a set amount, or for a set amount of time.  Just like I did with my walking.  I started my walking, I could barely get around 3 to 4 times without puffing and blowing like an overheated steam train, and raining sweat all over.  Now, I won't say I don't sweat, but I am stronger, don't puff (much), and I am up to 6 rounds, getting to seven. 

So if I can get myself going on that, I should be able to write a page a day, right?

(And maybe writing more on the book, than the blog...  However, one must have priorities!)


  1. Honey says I don't clean I just move piles around!!! We were talking yesterday while we were walking and commenting that we started our walking one year ago and how far we have come. Like you, I started out huffing and puffing plus my hips hurt!! And now...well, we aren't running marathons yet but we are getting there!!!

  2. Good Sunday!
    Yep, getting at cleaning out the craft room, can be quite a challenge! So much pack-a-stack and file-a-pile, one can barely think where to start. I do wish you the best of luck! It just sounds so much like my living room now and my sewing, then craft, then glass, then crap room, that I had at the other house. I had a sign on the door, do not enter. It wasn't like on a kid's room, I just didn't want anyone to get hurt, as I just had a narrow, winding path through there and it was downright dangerous! I hope your craft room hasn't reached these hazardous levels and it will be a workable project! Do you still plan to craft, or is this going to be your "think tank" for writing the great American Novel?

    One question, how does one write, just a page a day and keep the same train of thought for, say 2 weeks? I think my mood would change and screw it all up. Of course, I am not going to write a novel, I think I do good to simply write a blog and sometimes my posts are pretty lame. :-)

    Good luck with everything!

  3. Happy "Twoth"! I like it.

    As for the digging out, well, as a "messy" who has earned the title, i can say, keep going. On a board for the housekeeping challenged, one thing we encourage each other to do is 15 minutes a day on the mess, and learn the habits that will keep the mess away. It takes work, but it is worth it.

    Yes, write a page a day. Or write for 20 minutes a day. Or something. It will get better and better.



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