Thursday, January 13, 2011


I spoke too soon.  You know the T-shirt?  I just received an email.  One of those, gee we are happy you ordered from Dorks, Inc. 

Then they let me know it's back ordered.

Four weeks out.


Hey it's either that or crying... 

I think I will just go listen to my music I downloaded.  THAT worked.

Action. When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step? (Author: Scott Belsky)

Book writing.  Find desk again, and get it usable, removing several pounds of craftables that threaten to cascade down on me, if I move wrong.  Buy new ink cartridge for printer.  (Or at least refill it.  One of the stores that I go to says they can refill them, have to see if it works...)  Dedicate a period of time (haven't decided on x day, or so many times a week, probably the latter) and sit and write. ON THE BOOK, not a letter to someone, or blurble stuff, concentrate on THE BOOK!  (But I still wanna write on the blog. Just make sure I have written ON THE BOOK!)

Guitar.  Watch video completely, Husband dug it out some time ago, and I haven't gone completely through it.  Then find ALL the books I have, see which looks like it will do the most, and start working through.  Give myself a set time, 15 minutes, 30, something like that, at least several times a week, so I can get the basics down again.  Then perhaps look at lessons.  (There is a school nearby that teaches music, especially to budding guitar goddess types like myself.)   ; ) But that will be down the road a ways...

Lard removal.  Walkin', walkin' walkin', keep them legs a walkin', just gotta keep on movin', RAAAAW-HIIIIIDE!!!



You get the idea.  Preferably without the acoustics... Heaven help everyone at Karaoke night.


  1. Why did I know there would be a glitch in the T-shirt?

    Writing a book............. how do you do that? Is it fiction, or non fiction? About the man in the moon or the man in your life? Where does one begin? I have read several books on writing and I don't believe that I could do that outline thing. When I write anything, a blog, a comment, a letter - it just kind of bubbles out - so I don't know if I would have something like a book inside me. I don't know that I could write fiction, that almost sounds like telling lies. Sigh.......

    Doesn't sound like you want to learn to play the guitar just yet, maybe it isn't quite time? I always put off stuff I really don't want to do at the time.

  2. You had to know, I don't have the shirt in my hot little hands... It's a given.

    The book will be fiction, and about a deputy. (Actually, that was how I became interested in helping at the county Sheriff's Office. I'd been helping, in a different capacity, before that, but hadn't realized I could help "behind the desk", so to speak.) I don't know about using an outline. I have a list of characters, and things about them, and... I don't call it an outline, but a general synopsis of what the story is going to be, but it is very loose. That gives me a bit of room to figure out details... Telling lies? No, it's spinning yarns, and you should know, I love doing that!

    I do want to play the guitar, I just need to get a commitment to do it, so I am not just fluffing and putting it off. I had the same problem when I started walking, and look where I am now! I guess I am never in a hurry. As most people who know me, it's been said I will arrive late to my own funeral. (Which, considering what it is, really wouldn't bother me all that much!!!)


  3. Hang in there CAT, you can do what ever you want. Write a book or play a guitar. You can do it.

  4. Sorry the t-shirt is back ordered. Hope that means you will get it eventually.

    You know what steps you need to take. Remember that the stages of doing things are often listed as




    4) ACTION


    6) TERMINATION (meaning maintenance is completely automatic)

    Oh, and as for funerals, one of my favorite saying is "G-d put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now, i am so far behind, i will never die."

  5. messymimi:

    My problem is that quite often, I don't get past 2... :/ There is where I need to get things to at least 4, then we can work on the rest...




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