Saturday, January 29, 2011

Messing about in boats...reverb 29

This morning the weather folk said, rain, bad day.  I walked, it was fairly nice, a little overcast. 

Had to convince the llamas we were 'friendlies', they usually don't walk UP the hill when we go DOWN.  I think the cougar has spooked them a bit more that I would like to admit.  Lorenzo is getting real skittish about body checks, I touch his hip area, and he makes to spit at me.  This part is no big deal, but then he tries to stomp.  Lorenzo has a fat, furry butt, so I have to stand fairly close.  This makes my foot in rather hazardous territory! 

But we are all doing okay so far, (I had to up Llama's feed a little, she just doesn't put on weight like she used to.  What is it about getting older and getting skinnier?)  But they are doing well.  So is Rudee, except he is getting the grumpy treatment from me, as he is finding llama beans to roll in, and smells like, well... Llama beans.  Not the worst smell, but I still don't want to pet him and smell of manure. 

Husband saw the weather, and said, well, since we can't go out if it's raining, I will go work on the boat. 
(Since we can't go out? Hmmm.)  So, he started working on the electronics.  I washed a load of clothes.  Started a second load.  Boy, it's looking nice outside.  Started cleaning the table.  It really is brightening up... Wonder if Husband will change his mind...

Door opens. "Are you doing anything this afternoon?" 
"No. Why?"
"I think I want to go out and test run  the boat."

Why was I totally not surprised one bit?  Does the fact that I already had a lunch pack put together and my knitting bag sitting ready give you a hint? 

We went out, and it was warm!  I was truly expecting it to be very cold, but I didn't wear a heavy jacket, just my sweatshirt and gloves (well, the life jacket, too), and didn't get a bit cold.  We didn't go very fast, though.  The water level was waaaay down (read:  lots of deadhead stumps and rocks), and there was lots of wash in the water, leaves and sticks and bark.  In fact, there was a lot of debris stuck in the jet intake when we got out. (Intake guards are a very good thing, Martha!)

Mud.  Lots and lots, and orange sticky gooball mud.  My shoes were coated, and so guess what little thing I have to do... (AND they are my 'good' shoes, adding insult to injury.  Couldn't find my others, and I wasn't wearing my gumboots out. Meh.)

So, it's supposed to go back to January temperatures soon, so I guess enjoy the little flings of late spring while we can, yes?  (And get my laundry done quickly!)

Prompt: Ordinary joy. Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?

Ordinary, as in not exceptional.  Walking, and observing the weather and the area.  Seeing the plants go from scraggly ice covered branches, to fat little bud covered things, to light green starts, then the fullness of oak leaves, to head back into the quiet of winter.

Watching Rudee (and Tux, till he stopped) running up the hill, and the amusing way they would claim the top.  (And seeing who would shed the most when they were in the right amount of light. Sadly, sometimes I was the winner... eeep.)

Finding out that I can go walking and not hurt after.  Or that I can walk to stop my hurting. 

Seeing birds.  Seeing some sort of lizard run by.  Rocks that are thrust up from winter's cold.  Mud, that isn't just brown.  I have found red, brown, yellow, sort of off green, and even a whitish blue! 

And finding out just how much crap dirt you can carry in on one pair of boots... : (

Guess that doesn't count on joyful.  But the fact I have a real good vacuum to clean it up does! :)


  1. "They" said we would have a high of 66 and "they" were wrong to the good side this time! We had 72 for several hours this afternoon, it was like a wonderful spring day! Of course, we know it isn't going to last. :( Our spring doesn't usually show till about a week after the calender says so, then it starts getting pretty.

    Glad you had a pretty day to go out in the boat and enjoy the fresh air.

    Ordinary joy - had some of that today, didn'tcha?

  2. Sounds like the perfect wonderful day!! Bliss!--

  3. I'm very impressed with anyone dedicated to go out in a boat in the winter, warmer than usual day or not.

  4. I'm catching up on my blog reading.. you had a cougar while I was away? I worry about them coming down here sometimes when hiking alone, but they are usually higher up. It sounds like fun with the boat. I guess you will use it a lot come summer.--Inger

  5. Glad for the beautiful day, and the ordinary joy it has added to this year.


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