Friday, January 21, 2011

green meme, reverb 21

My word.  I have a blog to write today.  I haven't the faintest idea what to put in it...  So, in minor desperation, I looked up Thursday Thunks. 

Oh, right, they quit.  Ok, now what?  Oh, looky, there is another, Monday Mayhem.  Now I have something to write about.  Or, at least, something.  Writing.  Yes.  Okay, so we start...

(Edit, sorry about the spacing, I don't know why it's so screwy...)

1. What is your favorite Green food?

Probably asparagus.  I can eat that stuff by the pound.  Spinach, too.  In fact, when I was in grade school, I would trade the garbage stuff on my plate (manufactured potatoes, anyone?) for the spinach.  The only problem was, other kids realized that I would eat spinach, and then I had fifteen or twenty servings...  Without trading!  I also bug Husband, I planted spinach, and Rudee and I would sit and eat fresh spinach from the window box.  Husband DESPISES spinach, and thinks we are both quite mental.  I think the jury is still out on who he thinks is worse... 
2. What is your most hated green food?
Pistachio anything.  Can't stand the taste of those things.  Tried pistachio ice cream.  What a waste of good ice cream! (Technically, I don't know if it's green or not, but any of the stuff I have tried with that nut is tinted green.)
3. What is green that grosses you out?
Small children with runny, drippy noses.  I can handle most other bodily fluids in a child, but that just seems to hit the power gross button.  I was studying to be an elementary teacher, and was in a kindergarten class.  One child had this line 'o slime running down his face, and I nearly vomited.  The teacher, a 20 some year veteran was unphased.  I was really, really snarked at for the rest of the class, since I couldn't "handle a little snot."  Ignoring the potential for a reply, I decided that classes where the children were old enough to blow noses might be a better choice...
4. What is green that you love?
Little frogs with black racing stripes, that hang out in my garden.  Little green shiny lizards that are up on the top of the hill.  Christmas trees.  Spring buds.  Inchworms.  Jello at picnics (that hasn't been sitting long).  Oaks in summer.  My faire bodice, but it's near retirement, it's been so well loved...  Seaweed. Moss on rocks by the river.
5. What is green that you never want to see again?
Snot nosed kids.  Ok, yes, that was a gimme. 

A deputy (ours wear green) crying because he had to inform a family that their son had drowned.  Sadly, I don't think that will be something that will go away...

6. Have you ever seen a green person?
My Dad, when we went out fishing, and the poor man got ever so violently seasick. (And I feel sorry for him to this day!)  A troop of kids on a train, who were highly hung over when the 5 am breakfast horn blew. (That I still don't feel sorry for, as they were first class jerks).  A man dressed as a tree at a renaissance faire.  A Green man at the Oregon Country Faire.
7. Have you ever been green?
Hmm.  I have been very ill, but I normally turn white, not green.  I don't know.  I painted my face green once, so I could be an Orion. (Yes, I am a Star Trek nerd, why do you ask?) 
8. Do you try to be green?
Yes, I recycle, I try to plant and grow things as naturally as possible, I try to re purpose things, rather than throwing them away.  I try to not buy unless I need.  (Yarn is need, right?  RIGHT??) 
9. What is the best green thing in the world?
Plants in spring time, just beginning to show bloom.  Especially when I have started them from a little dot of a seed.
10. What green thing should we avoid?

Doing something illegal in this county, or you will have a deputy's undivided attention.  Snot nosed kids.  Anything with Pistachios.  Mold? 
Thanks for playing and have a great week!!!
And thank you for reading!

Prompt: Future self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?)

1. Work on that book, it ain't gonna write itself.  And put down your notes in your notebook, so you can remember when you are writing if the character's name was Colin or Calvin, or Custer.  Believe me, a quick note saves lots of confusion!  Especially three chapters later...

2. Keep walking!  You are looking better, so says several, feeling better, so says feet, and hey, when you go to Alaska, you will be able to walk further, right?

3. No is a powerful word.  So is silence.  Use them both wisely.

Y2K will be fun, you will get to see several dozen people stare at the lights simultaneously, to see if they go out, but it's a bust. 

You will find out your husband is not the cat hater he says he is, any man that will have three adult cats in a 30 foot trailer because "they were scared of the fireworks", and ends up having them sleeping on him as he lays on the couch, is most definitely a keeper.  (Especially when you find out he's allergic, and he takes shots for two years so you can still have cats around the place, even tho he mumbles it's just "to keep the mice down".)

You will join up with the Sheriff's Office, and it will be very rewarding, and you won't even have to man a radio.  You will find out, however, that paperwork, even though it's on a computer, seems to be the main export of most businesses in the world.  Let the typing commence.  And keep an eye on the deputies, it will give you lots of material for that book you want to write. Oh, and you will have one heck of a beautiful place in the future. 

And watch out for cougars.  Trust me on this...


  1. #3 Green - total gross-out! I had 5 kids and it still turns my stomach, especially when they try to lick it before you can grab a kleenex! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Then they smear it on their sleeve!
    Gee, I hope you have had your supper!
    My favorite green - well there's two, actually, grass in the spring and money!

    If I wrote myself a note to read in 5 years, it would say "Surprise!"

    Maybe one of these days, I should write a fairytale, something way far out, fill it with lies, oh, wait, that's fiction - so I won't need any fairies!

  2. We happen to like pistachio, but will keep it to ourselves. Spinach is one of my main foods, so we agree there!

    Not much bothers me, even the kids with stuff coming out of every orifice. Or the cats with same. Guess that's why i'm in the business i'm in, though.

    Love your advice to yourself.


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